Is Allah formless??

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If you ask a Muslim that

What is the size of God?

Many will say in one sentence, ‘Allah

He has no shape, he is formless. '[Naujubillah!]

The most surprising thing is the aqeedah of most Muslims

Not right. Most people have the right idea about God

Does not keep. But to God, the Lord of the Worlds

False Aqeedah is not punished

God said,

- ‘And hypocritical men are hypocritical women and mushrik men are mushriks

Women who have bad ideas about God

God will punish them. '[1]


Muslims who do not know the correct aqeedah

In contrast to the Hindu deities

Has adopted the idea of ​​a formless God. That's why Pak-

In the Indian subcontinent it is often heard, ‘Allah

Formless and omnipresent '.

The above belief is the main belief of Hinduism - Brahma

Described to be single, unique, nirgun:

- ‘He is formless and omnipresent!’ [2]


Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala used to go to His Sifat in the Qur'an

And described the qualities of his own being

His hands, feet, face, eyesight, hearing, his

Mentioning satisfaction and anger. This

From the narration it is understood that Allah is not formless, such as:


হতে দল Documents from the Qur'anঃ


They have not been able to determine the true dignity of God.

On the Day of Resurrection, the whole world will be in His hands

Will remain. [3]

Everything on the surface will be destroyed. (O Messenger)

That is the appearance of your glorious and noble Lord

The entity will be the only one left. [4]

O Iblis, what is the matter with you?

Refrained from prostrating whom I myself

I made it with my own hands, are you so arrogant?

If you reveal, no you are a complete noble. [5]

Rather, he extends both his hands, giving as he pleases

Does. [৬]

Say: Grace is in the hands of Allah. [6]

Some faces will be very bright on that day.

They will be the seers of their Lord. [6]

The power of sight cannot perceive him but rather

He is the One who perceives the power of sight, and He is the One who sees

He perceives power, and he is all-pervading, all-pervading

Known. [9]

You are waiting for the guidance of your Lord

Be patient, you are right in front of my eyes


Surely Allah is Hearing, Seeing. [11]

There is no likeness to God, and He is

Listen and see. [12]


ঃ হতে Document from Hadithঃ


From Jarir Ibn Abdullah Radiyallahu Anhu

Narrated, he said, one night we are the Messenger of Allah

I was near that. Suddenly he is full moon

He looked at the moon at night and said,

- ‘Listen! Surely you are your Lord

You will see it as clearly as it is clear

You can see the moon. You see him

There will be no crowds. '[13]


Narrated from Suhaib Radiyallahu Anhu, Rasulullah

ﷺ says

- “When the people of Paradise enter Paradise,

Then the great blessed Allah will say, - ‘What are you

You want me to do more for you

Give? ’They will say,‘ Are you our face?

Daoni bright? You are our paradise

Didn't you enter and get out of hell? '

Then Allah will remove the veil (suddenly) (and they)

His face will be seen). So paradise

Among all the pleasures obtained, the people of Paradise

The vision of their Lord will be near

The most beloved. ” [14]


So to call Allah formless means Allah

Denying the above sifat.

Where there is no Qur'an and Hadith

God is formless.

One thing needs to be clear that if you say

You do not know the shape of God

If your aqeedah is fine. Because God


- ‘There is no likeness of Allah and He hears

He sees. '[15]

But if you say God has no shape, that is

God is formless, then your aqeedah is wrong

There is.


Correct your aqeedah. We

I have proved above from the Qur'an and Hadith

That, God is not formless, even if you say so

If God is formless, then you are right in Islam

How to stay on Aqeedah faith?



! _______________________

Surah-Fatah, verse-6

Surah Jumu'ah: Ar-Rahman 27-28

Surah Ale Imran 63

Surah Al-Qiyamah 23

Surah An-Nam 103

Surah At-Tur 46

Surah-Mujadalah Surah-Ash-Shura 11

Sahih Bukhari 554, 563, 4651, Sahih Muslim


Sahih Muslim 181

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