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Needles left in the body when vaccinated?

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1 year ago

Hello dear virtual friends, how are you today? New conspiracies are circulating on social networks again. They made me laugh. here is the explanation👇

Various controversies have been circulating on social media for some time about needles, which are used by healthcare professionals in the United States to vaccinate against covid-19, and which give fans of conspiracy theories extra impetus. In the records we can see "that the needle remains in the hand or body" and that it is a "fake" vaccination. At Reuters, they began to verify the facts and refuted this kind of conspiracy theory.

The explanations are, of course, quite simple and put all doubts in their place. The head of communication at the Florida center Keting Badwin explained that these are needles from the manufacturer VanishPoint or t. i. safety syringes. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration explains their principle of operation: after a healthcare worker injects a vaccine, he pulls the needle inside by pressing the switch, making it safer for both the patient and himself, as it reduces the risk of needle exposure and pathogen transmission. . The use of such needles is also recommended by the World Health Organization, precisely for safety reasons.

I am attaching a video from VanishPoint ..... it shows you the whole process of operation

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