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Today some highlights from the classical and jazz channel "antibiOTTICs CLASSJAZZ". The first one is the quartet "Silent Fires" consisting of Karoline Wallace (vocals), Hilde Marie Holsen (trumpet and effects), Hakon Aase (violin and percussion) and Alessandro Sgobbio (piano).
It is not easy to assign this music to a certain style. Basically it is modern classical music in song form, but it also contains jazzy and experimental elements.

Silent Fires - Silent Fires

Now we jump a bit into the area of minimalism/serial music with the composer and producer "Waclaw Zimpel". This guy from Poland presents a great mix of minimal patterns and jazz elements on his fifth album "Massive Oscillations". Feel free to enjoy the psychedelic feel of the track "Sine Tapes".

Waclaw Zimpel - Sine Tapes

The next track is from the great "Olivier Deriviere". This french man is mainly known for his game soundtracks for Alone in the Dark, Obscure, Remember Me and a lot of other titles. In 2019 his soundtrack for the action-adventure horror stealth game "A Plague Tale: Innocence" has been released. From this I have chosen the track "Plague Tale".

Olivier Deriviere - Plague Tale

The Italian group "Chat Noir" has been an integral part of the current jazz scene for many years. Their album "Nine Thoughts For One Word" from 2016, for example, is an absolute masterpiece. But also on the current album "Hyiperuranion" you can find great music like the opening track "Blisters". "Chat Noir" manage to extend tension and create interesting sound structures.

Chat Noir - Blisters

The last song of today is by the British composer "Michael Price". In 2019 he released the fantastic single "Songs for Eveline" on "Erased Tapes Records". The two titles on it radiate a clear and brilliant beauty. You should take your time to focus on this so that you are able to feel the full emotional effect of this gem.

Michael Price - From Night

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