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antibiottics BREAKSPIT 5 (0001) - Discover New Breakbeat Music

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1 year ago

Today I would like to dig out a few music recommendations from our antibiOTTICs Breakspit Playlist for Breakbeat and Drum and Bass fans.

I start with the Spanish producer "Kuplay" with his danceable funky breaks and the track "Get Kanka".

Next, some jungle vibes, dancehall infused drum and bass grooves from "Chopstick Dubplate featuring Mr. Williamz". Enjoy the piece "Saturday Night".

Because it's so much fun a little more Raggatek, this time from "Vandal". When the DJ plays the track "Ghetto Thief", nobody can stand still on the dance floor anymore. The track has already been released in 2013 on the French label Kaotik Soundsystem.

Indian ethno vocals with edgy electronic beats we find in the next track. The Ukrainian drum & bass duo "Derrick and Tonika" have done their best and created a real crossover classic.

Finally, some music from Hospital Records, one of the most important drum and bass labels of all. With the great, relaxed "Possible Worlds" from "London Elektricity feat. Inja" the label again sets standards with a great production full of catchy harmonies and extraordinary sound and vocals.

For more from Hospital Records you should also check out their recent compilation "Sick Music 2020". They made a video with nearly one hour mix from the Album launch party that you can see below.

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Written by   7
1 year ago
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