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Technology technicals that will transform the world as we know it over the next ten years

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New technologies not only change the way humans live nowadays, but they also create new trends that will shape the way people will live in the future as well, from 5G technology in smartphones to nanorobot technology that can link the human brain directly to cloud storage. .

Over the next 30 years, the world is expected to witness more technologies that change the way people live.

10 tech trends that will shape the next 10 years

1- genetic modification

Scientists are expected to make great achievements during the next decade, to reduce the possibility of human infection with diseases, through genetic modification to change the way DNA works in the face of diseases.

Scientists at the National Institute for Human Genome Research are using a new gene-editing tool, known as "CRISPR". Gene editing can be used to change some traits such as eye color, skin color, and other growth-related features, as well as reducing the risk of genetic diseases.

During the next ten years, scientists will be able to apply gene therapies to prevent or treat genetic diseases, including diseases such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, and other diseases.

2- Electric and self-driving cars

 Electric and autonomous cars shape the future of the auto industry, and this is evident by looking at the huge investments that auto companies are making in this industry in order to cover the expenses of car design, software, and auto components, and it is expected that cars connected to the Internet will also spread significantly in the coming years. .

 While electric cars are characterized by the ability to operate without gas, and therefore are environmentally friendly cars, self-driving cars are characterized by the ability to move on the roads without direct control of the driver.

Self-driving cars can perceive the surrounding environment, through ultrasound sensors and cameras controlled by software, in order to determine the vehicle’s location and the distance between it and other cars.

3- Fifth generation networks

Fifth generation technology is the advanced technology and the next to the fourth generation technology, while the latter provides a maximum speed of one gigabyte per second, the fifth generation networks will provide a maximum speed of 20 gigabytes per second.

Thanks to the fifth generation technology, the Internet of Things will become more widespread, as almost all things will be linked together, so humans, machines and devices will be able to communicate for personal and commercial purposes.

As of June 2020, about 45 countries already have 5G technology, and by 2030 the technology will spread to 198 countries.

4- Solar energy

People have already started to rely on solar energy to run household appliances, cook meals, and heat homes, but the whole world currently generates only 1% of its energy from the sun, according to the International Energy Agency.

 The agency indicates that this percentage will rise to 27% by 2050, thanks to new technologies in the solar energy industry, during the next ten years there will be more floating solar farms, and there will be solar powered cars, and solar energy will be more storable for use at night. .

5- Household batteries

While solar energy is one of the best options for operating lamps and home appliances, humans will not be able to make the most of this clean energy except by storing it using household batteries.

These batteries help to store solar energy, for long-term use, when the electricity networks are down, or when the sun appears less during the winter. Tesla and other companies have already manufactured home batteries to store solar energy.

During the next ten years, home battery owners will be able to sell their surplus energy to their neighbors, and this idea will become commonplace and widespread over the next decade.

6- Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Many personal devices, digital home appliances, and new cars operate using artificial intelligence, and robots are now, through machine learning technology, performing industrial jobs and complex surgeries with remarkable accuracy.

Communication between humans and machines is expected to increase over the next ten years, and developers and marketers will explore similar technologies to voice assistant to build relationships and business opportunities.

7- Space tourism

 At a time when the astronauts of "NASA" agency are busy conducting experiments, many private companies such as the "SpaceX" company founded by Elon Musk have begun preparing to launch commercial tourism trips to space, where the wealthy will be able to pay money to spend a week or two in the Space, and these trips are expected to be more common among the wealthy over the next decade.

8- Cultivation of electronic chips

 planting thousandspeople in Swedenalready small electronic chips under their skin, whichable to verify their identities on computers and systems security easily.

And these people can enter banks, offices and gyms by passing their hands in front of a digital device, and it seems that this is just a miniature model of what the technology of implanting electronic chips will be in the future.

 The United States of America has also adopted this technology, and by 2030 people who have electronic chips will be able to monitor their health and any changes that occur inside their bodies, and doctors and patients will be able to obtain accurate health reports in real time.


9- Floating farms

 Floating farms constitute the future of smart agriculture, which are technological farms built on artificial platforms built on water bodies, and there are also farms built on high-rise buildings.

Smart floating farms and high-rise farms will be more prevalent over the next 10 years, enabling more people to grow crops on rooftops.

 These farms will be controlled using advanced digital technologies, and these smart technologies will monitor crop growth, and will be able to control pests, and other aspects related to growing crops and raising animals.


10- Eye gaze control technology

This technology enables people to control computers using their eye movements, as eye sensor technology enables computers and other devices connected to the Internet to sense people's focus, interest and presence, and through this technology the user can control digital processes using only his eyes.

Some countries have already started using this technology, and more countries are expected to use it during the next ten years, as this technology will help people with disabilities to communicate and carry out many activities such as painting.

Source: Insider Monkey

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