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When Lambo? Do SEP20 Tokens Stand A Chance?

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1 year ago

I am calling it now, smartBCH will buy me a Lambo in 2022!

Well, let's just say, a used lambo, about $100K!

And this post is not about me bragging how close I am to buying a Lambo, but to how far we are from having anything close to profit by investing in the current tokens in smartBCH.

We only have a few that have something to show but many that are not meeting any kind of quality assurances we expected.

So to cut this short from the beginning, there won't be a lambo. There should be more criticism and less hype, and no support to pump and dumpers that even have some groups and offer this service to new tokens for payment.

So a Lambo means 100k in this case. How to make it? This is by buying today $1000 and betting on the horse that wins! Not exactly.

We have many investments in smartBCH and for many of us it is already more than $1,000 which is about 2BCH. Not much of risk to begin.

So, which of the smartBCH tokens have the ability to make us 100 times our investment?

I will not present the list of what we need a token to have to make it to 100x for our investment:

  • Fixed Supply

Without fixed supply we don't go anywhere, so I do not select tokens that have increasing supply and the founder keeps adding or even has the option to add. How do we know they can't add, well, it is not clear to me, I have limited knowledge on reading the smart contract and at this point perhaps a token audit has importance.

I don't like talking in negative approach about the tokens we have today, but I have seen the Konra founder increasing the supply slowly and I do not understand why. From 1000 tokens to 1100 that's a 10% supply increase. I do not like this and find no reason to.

Then we have the tokens from DEXs that are inflating, this is their purpose too, so perhaps they are justifying it by just having copied the Uniswap model and the rest of LP system. I do not judge the governance tokens but feel these tokens will only have a good chance if there is a huge increase in volumes and money that enters smartBCH.

I think the potential in Mist to increase in volumes is there, and while I don't find MIST as a token to reach 100 times higher, the purpose of MIST is to take profit from the DEX, not from the token. The same is with the rest DEX tokens, although, this is my opinion. I do not like increasing supply.

Celery also increases, but it has a good idea backing it, and it is supposed to be staked when bought. A different approach here, since it has some mechanisms to prevent dump calling it antidump. Should look more into this.

  • Not buying deflation tokens either

Don't like them as they don't have something to offer but their purpose is just to speculate having nothing else backing them. I see no potential in Volcano or Incinerate, and another one I think it is called FlameDAO or something like that. Come back when you offer something we can explain to the rest besides just burning tokens for no reason.

  • Not buying NFT tokens.

You made the NFTs, why you also need a token? There is one exception here, with LAW since it has also added DeFi in the website and combines it perfectly with the NFTs that now are also giving the option to stake and receive LAW.

LAW is also at a fixed supply, although, I still have not confirmed this 100%, if anyone knows anything more please comment about LAW and its supply.

It seems has the LAW supply as fixed at 21,000,000 tokens so I'm taking this for granted. But as I previously explained I can't read the code and perhaps there is this option ON for any token, unless there is an audit by other developers.

So the NFT tokens I'm not going to buy are plenty. POT, FATCAT, Xolos and some more I can't remember. If I find an NFT worth of buying from these projects I will look more, but only in the NFT part, since they do not offer anything exciting. See how lawpunks worked and have this as a model.

But I am buying ORB because it is not only an NFT but also a game, where ORB can be used in the Sphere blockchain game. It is not ready but has two positives:

-Quality NFTs

-Game development

Probably the game will not be a super production, but if it has some nice mechanics it can be the first smartBCH blockchain game with some success as we have nothing yet there.

  • Not buying SLP tokens and tokens that release more tokens with different names

Well, this is far too many and we have seen Konra releasing another token, we have seen some connections between previous SLP tokens that appeared also on smartBCH, as Lightning, Vandals, another one called MGot that probably was a rug pull. Also I made a good bet previously with ShibaBCH but I sold and not interested in it anymore. I wrote about Moon and it is now higher, but I also sold this, at least CL was honest about it since the beginning.

The SLP tokens that migrated to smartBCH are too many and don't like most of them. Maybe Honk, only. ORB is also SLP token, but this is an exception, I have to see the game first and if it has possibility to succeed I will support.

GoCrypto is one that has a clear model, a clear use case, and explains perfectly it has fixed supply, with a bridge that transfers tokens between any blockchain it is active.

This one, GOC, is the best bet we can make. It has 21 million USD market cap, and fixed supply. I can't see anything better than GOC and this should become the model for anything else release on smartBCH. A token by a project that supports adoption of crypto for years and has helped Bitcoin Cash in various ways.


The projects I expect to shine or have hopes for are:

Gocrypto, Law, ORB, Mist, Celery, BCHPad, FlexCoin and DAO.

Just 8 tokens out of around 60.

I don't have anything else I like from what I see today and basically GoCrypto is far ahead from anything else right now, with ORB and LAW perhaps reaching closer than any other.

Maybe some memes too with Cats and Honk entering this list, but with reallocation to anything looking better later.

Not great, but not too bad either. I have seen worse in EOS, Matic, Tron and other blockchains. So until there is something better as a token that appears, I will discuss less the tokens at smartBCH, more the investing part, DeFi and will use some of the above for liquidity and LP staking.

(all images are from unsplash)

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Written by   312
1 year ago
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Oh yes!I'm interested it is like gift of new year

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1 year ago

Hmmmm I take interest in what you're trying to say. It looks like you have a very good aim for 2022. I am truly interested.

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