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The Truth: Binance Sold All Bitcoin Cash In The Exchange To Sustain BTC

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2 months ago

A common tactic by any crypto exchange is to support the whales when they sell.

Not just the exchanges support their whale friends (which also have all the inside information they can ask for) but exchanges such as Kraken, Binance, Bitstamp, and of course Bitfinex, provide support to BTC (and the whales to sell for more profit) by selling their "altcoin" resources.

Obvious, right? Crystal clear to my 6-year old nephew that instantly identified this after trading for a few days on Binance.

BTC dips, all the rest cryptos go down by double the percentage. Nobody just rushes in an exchange to sell their Cardano, Monero, or Bitcoin Cash when a dip occurs.

This is the Maxis together with their buddies in these exchanges.

I didn't mention Coinbase? Because it doesn't seem to be involved in this. Coinbase always acted more competitive. Did I mention Bitfinex? This is the master manipulator, where it all begins. With ties to whales since the MtGox era has been creating the circumstances for bulls and bears and profited heavily for years. Bitmex used to be another one but is now more or less irrelevant.

What happened with Binance?

Binance has DUMPED all the BCH it held. Those it had previously bought at lower prices and everything its customers were holding.

It has currently ZERO BCH in its hot wallets and perhaps nothing in its cold wallets either. This happened because it didn't anticipate Bitcoin Cash to RISE as it did right after the SmartBCH release.

Binance followed the BTC maximalists and now it will be on its path to its downfall.

Binance once again dumped its BCH and other cryptocurrencies as Monero to cover for liquidity and accomodate their top BTC whale customers.

Binance sold BCH and other cryptocurrencies to help a BTC whale sell for fiat.

This is what is always happening with these exchanges. Doesn't need BTC pairs or anything, just needs to take out your BCH from these exchanges, withdraw and use them in more productive ways.

All this manipulation and all this dump of cryptos to support the BTC maximalists and feel entitled and everything.

What everyone HAS TO DO is take their BCH out of exchanges and put them in SmartBCH. Maybe use Coinflex too, since it seems to be on track with Bitcoin Cash developments and supported it in many ways.


This has been a joke for too long. Don't sell any BCH the price is only going to rise since adoption is increasing.

I remember listening one day to @MarcDeMesel on his YouTube channel, right after the May dumpage and the huge loss of value for our BCH. Marc was informed and knew about an entity that sold way too many BCH that caused us to have a huge dip.

This is the crypto exchanges algos that sustain the one and only shitcoin: Bitcoin BTC.

From the first moment in my adventure with cryptocurrencies, I realized the lies of the toxic BTC group of maximalist speculators.

To summarize:

  • Bitcoin (the crippled one, BTC) is the shitcoin.

  • Exchanges use BCH reserves (their customers BCH), dumb them and buy BTC on the BTC/BCH pairs.

  • Bitcoin Cash demand increases and Binance failed to see this.

  • Bitcoin maximalists (Since Blockstream) have no brain cells left

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Written by   221
2 months ago
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With this info, I kinda scared of these exchanges nowadays. Its like we are being played of some sort.

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2 months ago

I love your piece, I just appreciate the development around BCH. I hope to accumulate more on my multi-coin wallet from, which supports multiple coins.

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2 months ago

Great post I really love your writing and honestly enjoyed it.

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2 months ago