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The Fake Divide Between Vaxxed and Unvaxxed And The Omicron Fright

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5 months ago

The logic of new lockdowns and the sudden and intense fear (or better yet FUD) in all markets is astonishing.

Together with breaking out news on a new strain of Covid, we watched cryptocurrencies prices dropping because the "investors" were scared once again by the mainstream media FUD.

Where will this money move if what is now called "Omicron" expands further? They will exit Crypto and pump gold?

What has Covid to do with cryptocurrency anyway? Crypto is a whole new modern world of opportunity that should be a haven for all funds to invest and stick to their investments for the long term. Instead Crypto is just called a high risk investment and the speculators program the algos to dump on any fake news or fud.

This is simply basic reaction of ignorant investors. I didn't want to mention Covid in my articles for many reasons, but here it is, I am doing this, today.

I think I already hinted I am not leaning towards accepting all of this scare tactics as proper scientific research in any matter. What any logical person assumes, is that the medical world doesn't really understand Covid. At least not at all in the first year of its spread.

I don't have qualification in this field, so let us allow the big pharma be our savior. Thank God for Pfizer! And next what is coming? From having the banks regulating our laws and economy, we will have a second third party. The Big Pharma, together with the banks to run our life.

It all looks predetermined and moving according to a certain agenda. A whole corrupt mechanism pushing us to the edge.

Cryptocurrencies, are not part of this problem but a way out.

And some of them as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, ZCash, Monero, are not under the government's control to manipulate exactly as it wants.

Is this Logical?

It is not logical to see crypto crashing and not recovering for this reason.

This is very frustrating once again. Crypto dropping on Sunday is a sign someone wanted to buy more.

When Crypto is dropping on a Sunday, it means there either big wire transfers in crypto exchanges or nothing at all and whales with inside information become bears. Big funds depositing under the agreement with whales and exchanges do dump prices so they can buy cheap when banks process the deposits on a Monday.

The funds are interested having control of the keys, they never just leave the crypto in exchanges. The investors in these funds are those not understanding what is the most important aspect of crypto. They hold no crypto but an IOU and when the time will come that this crypto will be playing a crucial role in the modern financial world, they will still not be part of it, but just simple speculators.

What we have been told and what we know:

  • The lockdown will only last two weeks. (It is now two years)

  • A vaccine takes 10 years to be tested properly. (It was made in just 4 monhts)

  • The vaccine will help stop the spread of the virus. (A year later: "We never said that)

  • The unvaccinated are a danger to the rest (A year later: The vaccinated also spread covid)

The last one, it quite important, since it escapes any logical assumption.

Both vaxed and unvaxed are spreading the disease with the same effects. The virus is still intact in the vaxed part of the population. The vaccine as we've been told only boosts (temporarily) our immune system, but doesn't affect, destroy, or reduce the effects of Covid.

Vaccinated or not means nothing at all, then. Since the virus will keep spreading whatsoever.

We don't protect others if we get the jab.

The unvaccinated are no more of a threat than anyone vaccinated. In fact, the unvaccinated are mostly concerned on not becoming participants in a mass experimental vaccine that could possibly have long-term effects to our health.

According to what we read today, an unvaccinated person has higher fatality rate. Still, this is very foggy data, processed by centers we can't fully trust.

Covid exists, we are not making a case against its existence, what we are saying is this is our body, our life, and yes, some have been hospitalized and even denied respirators, so in between billions of people, some passed away.

But denying a respirator is not what a sane person does. It is the reaction to the mass hysteria that caused these people to deny treatement.

I never caught Covid, yet, I know neighbours that had it. They were of young age and it passed without serious symptoms. It is a fact that Covid affects mostly elder people, and it is sad, as we all care for our elders.

This is another lie spread to make the elder people feel insecure and cause them even more depression. That the unvaccinated don't give a damn for the elder population.

They told us if we don't vaccinate we don't care for the elder. What a bunch of propaganda!

I care about everyone, and especially people that can't sustain 100% themselves. We all care for those in need.

They told us, we need to jab to protect them! Remember that?

But then after the jabs, what happened? It was the vaccinated that didn't protect them, thinking they couldn't catch Covid since the governments were talking about a wall of immunity. But, jabs, don't offer immunity.

And now this foolish narrative is changing, once again. I visited a hospital a month ago as I had to take some exams for a personal matter as the government requested it. So, I was standing in line, listening to vaccinated crowd, one by one, shouting at the security guard of the hospital.

You see, the vaccinated also had to pass rapid test. New rules they told them.

The vaccine is doing nothing to stop the spread of the virus. And the hospital had finally acknowledged it. Why then put the unvaccinated in a lockdown? They are no threat to the society as you claim! Whatever threat exists is only on the unvaxxed health. There is no need to lie, just tell, the world, you don't know what to do and this could work, but it is a test and nobody is sure.


As per habit, I try to make sense of what may have happened and not be unfair to anyone. The summary is here:

  • Since the virus can't be contained by the current vaccines why is there a need to separate classes between vaxxed and unvaxxed

  • Why are new lockdowns needed? What is it going to be, the virus will just die if the unvaccinated stop moving? The vaccinated spread the same virus.

  • Why the cost of a rapid self-test is 10 euro? Should be free twice per day.

  • What about the new "Omicron" variant. Vaccines don't help with it as we read these days. What is it going to be, then? New vaccines with more mass testing?

  • Covid origins are in China, and most likely in laboratory in Wuhan. As with almost all pandemics in history. Even the liberal media were calling it strange China virus in the beginning. This is a fact, so don't make up excuses because you work for a media representing Chinese interests and having vital financial connections with a communist regime.

How about taking a look at the economies, the collapse of wages, the high inflation and the declining growth. The deteriorating living conditions and the innability of governments to handle this pressure. Why shouldn't someone have a voice on all of these, but meet censorship instead?

So many lies been fed to us and a brainwashing machine that removes all kinds of criticism. I'm fed up with the lies.

Also fed up with those today waiting for another dip in the stock and crypto markets to rebuy lower. Not going to happen, there are only a few paper-hands left.

(All the images are licensed under Creative Commons license, no citation required)

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Written by   304
5 months ago
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Nice Article hun, I wish I could give you some tips but unfortunately I didn't earn anything yet to give them to other hard working writers

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5 months ago

And you will not get any tips, since all your posts are copy-paste. Lol. What do you think the rest are fools? Hm? Not to mention, that I understand who you are exactly and why you join my posts now and previously with another name. You think you are smart? LOL. You probably failed at elementary school.

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5 months ago

No problem if you feel that lol Its OK we never know about future ;)

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5 months ago

Great post Anna. The South African chair of the Medical Association who reported the first case clearly said the symptoms are very mild. Calls the response a storm in a teacup. Remeber to always follow the money.

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5 months ago

The world health organization should stop creating fear without substancial data. After it crashed the market now we learn this is not what it looks like. Yet, we still need 2 weeks. WHO is probably playing games here.

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5 months ago

Still got time before regulation. But that dip!!!

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5 months ago

I said all along what a hoax this is for the big money players and I believe I am right. Moreover, this will not end until Big Pharma and the elites run the world with their one-world currency, which they are already developing.

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5 months ago