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The Bitcoin Cash Message is Clear

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2 months ago

I sometimes wonder how many in the Bitcoin community are using wallets and making transactions. It is possible that not even 5% of those that hold Bitcoin-BTC have ever made a single transcation. The Bitcoin Core developers must be very happy about that and perhaps now thinking that the Lightning Network will be used. But there are so many problems they can't even begin to address them.

El Salvador had this partnership with a Bitcoi n Wallet named Strike. It is custodial and used the lightning network. Although, we know that this will be centralized, KYC based and censorable, going against any principles of Bitcoin.

We can't do much about it but move on to BCH

Bitcoin is open source, the community decides, although the BTC part of the community decided to move on with something like that (custodial, censorable, KYC enforced), while the BCH community decided to move on with something simpler and better.

Many in the Bitcoin community are thinking about it again. Everyone that didn't care a lot to read about what Bitcoin Cash had to say are now finally listening.

The message is clear. If BTC doesn't work, then why not move on to something better? Bitcoin Cash works and it works splendid! It is the Bitcoin that manages everything we need, the only misshap was not winning the hashrate and the longest chain.

This, because devs decided not to upgrade and everybody else did not have full knowledge of what was going to happen.

It is never too late, moving on with Bitcoin Cash will give us all the advantages we wanted from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash has multiple development teams, and is decentralized in everything. Bitcoin Core is on the other hand the implementation that 100% wins all arguments and accepts or rejects Bitcoin improvement Proposals without first examining the opinion of the rest of the community.

While Bitcoin Core led by Blockstream dominates control, Bitcoin Cash doesn't have a ruler. An aspiring ruler, Amauri Sachet, was removed from the network after becoming a malicious player that tried to gain more control.

Bitcoin Cash is not about a few personalities. It wasn't about Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, or Roger Ver and Jihan Wu. Bitcoin Cash is everybody in this community and above everyone else, the user base.


It finally happens that Bitcoin maximalism is losing steam. But it never was there in the first place, Bitcoin maximalism was invented by Blockstream and based on the narrative of the early days of altcoins, when everything was just a clone of Bitcoin's code.

There is nothing similar today with everything else that is building a new financial system, and BTC has just being lagging behind developments in the field.

It will not be long before Ethereum overthrows the crippled king and takes command. And after that it will be Bitcoin Cash rising and flippening the failed BTC asset.

With Bitcoin Cash recognized by more as the real Bitcoin, we can move forward in expanding this ecostystem to higher grounds. The network has outperformed BTC this year while running in ecological friendly mode, at 100 times better efficiency levels from the BTC one.

There are other cryptos that are moving away from the BTC model that is doomed to fail and anybody invested just in BTC will find it to not be working great from now on.

Moreover developments in the field of sidechains with SmartBCH could produce some interesting opportunities and should be taken into consideration.

Bitcoin Cash at a price about $400 is surprisingly undervalued. Even inside a bear market this price is a bargain considering everything. From development to fans and number of active users, to the websites running parallel to the BCH ecosystem (Read cash, Noise Cash and more) and everything else that is building, currently Bitcoin Cash looks like what Bitcoin was back in 2012.

It is the same opportunity when you look at it investment-wise.

Did you miss buying Bitcoin in 2012? Don't make the same mistake with Bitcoin Cash, it will be regratable. A wise man doesn't make that same mistake twice.

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Written by   82
2 months ago
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