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MoonShots in SmartBCH - 100x to Jupiter!

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10 months ago
Topics: SmartBCH, SEP20, BCH, Cats, Tango, ...

SmartBCH has been active for many months, with many developers creating and bringing us unique and advanced experience of the smart contracts technology.

The latest addition to our DEXs is TangoSwap and we have to congratulate the developers who are known members of the Bitcoin Cash community. It is one more serious DEX that the community instantly developed and while many were surprised, @Fernando had occassionally left some tips developing something great for SmartBCH!

I had to open the article with this exciting news for SmartBCH and wish best of luck to TangoSwap!

The current article is something not unique, as I have seen many YouTubers doing the same and giving their top-10 moonshot projects.

I haven't done that before, but there you go, this is about my top-10 SmartBCH projects that I find having enough potential to reach to the moon and maybe even to Jupiter!

Top-10 SmartBCH (SEP20 tokens) TO THE MOON

Crescent Moon

I write about my top-10 SmartBCH tokens I consider to have the ability to go to the MOON. Please, don't get this wrong, it is already a shilling post, I hold some of these tokens and probably the chances of 100x are very low.

Consider please that many projects are funded heavily by the Bitcoin Cash commu

Let's all be moon-boys, but also be careful and invest reasonably, since this market is very volatile and not to play with money we can't afford to lose. Be sensible, cautions and vigilant, but also be optimistic and cheerful about our chances!

The list will be simple and contain only what I see as the top-10 in the SEP20 tokens today.

There it is! Now lets look at some of them in no particular order:


It is all personal and have some reasons to select them above others. For example I watch the market cap of Bitcoin Cash Argentina (ARG) today and feel that $83,000 is just too low. Maybe the token is only a community token but this doesn't mean it can't grow 10 times higher, we see other tokens at 100 times higher and don't seem to offer something better than ARG.


Celery is one that as I read from many others it is a gamble. Although, it is still in the beginning and may have a chance to reach an unrealistic price. I'm not saying that this will be fair value, but maybe you haven't noticed that websites like coinmarketcap and coingecko don't count HEX market cap.


BCHPad has a utility that involves audit of upcoming smartBCH tokens and airdrops. A must have in our wallet at all times. I expect BCHPad to be there on the top for a long time. A very clever idea that deserves the recognition it receives.


Out of the four DEXs we have today, I recognize MIST to be the best one until now. It has professional approach and offers even lending lately, which sends it ahead of the rest in the tech factor. I love MIST, but I also like the rest three exchanges. I wrote previously in a bad sense about MuesliSwap and I am glad to see it still standing, but I never liked the fact it considered Cardano a priority and SmartBCH as a test phase.

MILK (not on the list)

Sadly the price of MILK went down so much and as more DEXs appear I don't know if it can hold its current investors. I had bought some and sold at a loss, but I hope that it manages to recover since SmartBCH is very new in the DeFi scene.


Now, my favorite, well, at least the one that made me a 50x. Maybe you don't remember I recommended ShibaBCH earlier. Well check here, then. I called ShibBCH as an opportunity when it had a marketcap of $2,000. It went 100x from there! And, know what? It can go higher. I can't say another 100x is a possibility now, and there are plenty of dips at a $200k marketcap that seems to be a limit set by sellers. I also can't say this token has utility, since it has nothing else but shills supporting it. I put it there just for the reference right now. Maybe one of the loose gambles we can make with just a small investment compared to the rest, but make it already, just in case.


I just like "The Empress" and wish her success. I don't know if Konra can make it, and don't know a lot about the SLP roots of this token, but I like the person behind it.

Empress has knowledge of the market and seems like a person that has crypto in her blood. I can't also deny the support from the Konra community that are amazing guys, many writing at I don't like pointing fingers and recommending anything, I just want to give one tip to most projects, to put a fixed supply on the tokens, unless this is a utility token for a website or DEX that requires inflation. If not, inflation should be zero. Clearing out how many tokens will ever be is important, but I don't know what happens with the SLP version of this one, or if it exists.


Honk Honk!

I hold no honk, since I try to buy these tokens early, but boy, this guy behind HONK, @YoshiLivo is really funny guy. Has some interesting thoughts too and I think he was early in bitcoin, but not certain about this.

Well, I missed buying HONK early when I should, but I still think it has a long way to go! Go Honkers!


I'm done for today, the list is there, and I mean it:

Do not consider it financial advice!!

I think it is self explanatory that this is not advice but some tokens I chose under no clear or fundamental analysis but out of scope of making a moonshot, which I find it to has potential to happen for most of them.

Not gonna lie, the risk is high. I would go with NFT projects above all the rest. CATS has so much more to give since @Fuego has OASIS ready with the rest devs and this will be the emblematic marketplace for NFTs on SmartBCH.

We base our expansion in this market by attracting various artists that may have failed in Solana and WAX (both need connectsion since demand is scarce) but have created amazing art that deserves better than that.

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Written by   311
10 months ago
Topics: SmartBCH, SEP20, BCH, Cats, Tango, ...
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