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MonkeyCASH -99.7%: Officially the 1st Rug Pull Defi in the SEP20 market

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4 weeks ago
Source: ARG telegram

Hello again my fellow readers, I have lots of news and discusison from the SmartBCH token market today. News from SmartBCH tokens and airdrops but also developments in marketcap cash that bring us to.... wait a minute....


Did you hear something? What was that sound? Sounded like a small sound like:


Well, never mind, probably it was a feather landing on the ground, or my imagination. It is very silent at my desk and even the slightest movement is making a small sound that distracts me.

Bitcoin Cash price was what $400? That was just a month ago if I am correct. Today after the small dip it is still higher, at $535. I don't like it that we have to follow BTC each time it crashes but it happens, and we are dealing with it.

Onwards with the SEP20 Market!

MonkeyCash Exit Scams...

What can I say about that, such a same. This one created a cool looking website and had plans for DeFi and NFTs platform, but decided to steal launch money from the few investors and scam everyone.

Some have plans just to feed their family, but it could have be done honest with a donation perhaps.

I gave part of an article from 6 days ago for this one and it turned out it is a scam. I had bought a few from BenSwap at the day it was released, but it then doubled and I decided to sell. It was some kind of $10 profit, maybe even less since I just bought very few.

I wrote this to be clear, I didn't lose money from this one, but I always write that I don't invest too much unless I see something having real potential. For the time being there are some projects that have backing by strong sub-communities of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, like ARG, Knuth, and last one I've noticed to have a solid team, good backing and an interesting concept is AxieBCH. $CATS is also a project that has been here since the beginning and it looks to have "meme" potential.

There is a force in the universe called Karma and Dima you should know, you already missed probably the only opportunity you had. You could have made millions with a real DeFi/NFT project but all you have learned is to cheat and lie to those that believed in you. This won't change, you will always be this type of loser.

You chose to steal instead of creating, you will always be missing the chance to make it big.

MarketCap.Cash with more information in the homepage


@webeli , the MarketCap.Cash dev, has added more information on most of the tokens on the index. We now have links to telegram channels and social media like Twitter.

I think the website was already there since the feature was released. I love this development as the telegram channels was something that I was taking a long time to find, but now we have everything on a home page of each token and we can find and share information easier.

Hm. EBEN at $1.04 looks appealing.

Closing Thoughts

I felt terrible about what happened with MonkeyCash. I was hoping it was going to be a real project, but it could also have been a professional scammer from the ERC20 ICO years. It is something to consider for now, since probably many will copy what Monkeys did and try to scam more investors.

To conclude I think Kim with this Tweet is sending a message that we should not tolerate any longer THEIR money, but start using Bitcoin Cash. I loved that and Kim always has a simple way to explain otherwise complicated matters.

I hope you enjoyed your stay and if you read my post you were not feeling too sleepy! It is just that I lost my enthusiasm today from the scammer dev of MonkeyCash and feel that these guys are acting foolishly.

Finally, I thank my sponsors for their support and comments, they are:




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Written by   121
4 weeks ago
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I'm very sorry that it ends up being a scam. Unfortunately those things happen a lot. Thanks for the mention. You deserve all the support in the world. In general this whole community is wonderful. PS: I am missing the link in my username 😂

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4 weeks ago

Yes, I tried for many minutes but It was giving me others instead of you @Infinity... I will try next time to put the link by myself. sorry about that!

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3 weeks ago

Ahaha, don't worry my friend. I was kidding. LOL

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3 weeks ago

It looks interesting money

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3 weeks ago

Great writing. I have no knowledge about bitcoin at all. But reading article, i am getting a superficial knowledge.

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4 weeks ago

Well thank you. Rug pull means the devs pulled the rug, by removing all liquidity and price crashed to zero. It is defi term.

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4 weeks ago