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MarketCap.Cash New Listings and Developments - ARG, KTH, CATS Airdrops Success!

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1 month ago

It is the anniversary of the 911 attacks today. The events of September 11 2001. Before I begin with this post, I have to express my condolences to all Americans for the tragic events that happened twenty years ago. We need to respect the victims of terrorist attacks and pay our respects to every family that lost a person in this, or similar tragic events.

I wrote yesterday about SmartBCH and the index that contained 17 tokens already.

Well, today it added 3 more tokens and also updated having an option that I felt was missing: 24H price change.

It seems that with SmartBCH there is a revival of the feelings we have about what was used to be called altcoins and the Bitcoin Cash network is proving its full capacity to the whole community!

This article is about, its creator and the excitement that surround the development in SmartBCH. Tokens are been created by the community, airdrops and thousands of new users are getting interested! new Update - 24Hour Price Change (%)

Marketcap.Cash is the index for SmartBCH tokens, a website created by developer that goes by the nick:Webeli (Twitter).

Webeli - Twitter

We have to thank this guy and hope that we find this website with new updates and more information related to the SmartBCH SEP20 tokens!

Now the new update is a cool feature that helps us recognize the day to day changes in prices for BCH and our favorite tokens.

Ouch! Some of the tokens have "dipped" since yesterday! This happens though, it is a very young market and some tokens do not have all the properties of a great token. We will see some rise higher in price and market cap and some will drop.

But, some of them are already in a great role in shaping the SmartBCH initial DeFi. BenSwap is the first DeFi and DEX in the SmartBCH network and we have to expect some more later. But, it is the early birds that often take the most rewards and find themselves in a better position. We will be expecting more in development and soon to listen from them.

KTH,ARG, and CATS all had some insane airdrops with high rewards paid to Twitter users and in their Telegram channels.

Thousands of cryptocurrency users have joined the communities of these Tokens.

I checked a little while ago and found that CashCats has 3200 members.

The guys from Bitcoin Cash Argentina (Vamos BCH!!!) have reached more than 6300 members and Knuth, the BCH full node implementation managed to attract more than 8500 internet users in its telegram channel.

Congratulations to all these three tokens and wish for more and better!

All this excitement and this is just the beginning. We will be waiting for news, developments and looking at daily prices and new listings at!

New Listings at MarketCap.Cash

Three new tokens have been listed in the last 24 hours at MarketCap.Cash:

These are HAM token, The Wireless Token, and CashKitten. I don't have other information on these tokens yet and failed to find them in or Twitter. Except CashKitten.


CashKitten has already 400 followers on its Twitter page and more than 1500 on the telegram channel.

Follow here:



Moreover it seems that CashKitten will have an airdrop soon, so get ready!

Show respect to everyone and Please do not spam.We are giving free Kitten at the time of airdrop. let's spread Kitten and let more people to know kitten.

I feel bad that I didn't find information on the rest projects. If someone has information about HAM token or The Wireless Token comment with the links where we can learn more on their whereabouts.

SmartBCH - Optimizing DeFi

SmartBCH is not even hyped or shilled by the usual crypto media that promote some Ethereum tokens or the crypto personalities. Everything is done professionally, with limited hype and you know, those that fail to see the potential in Bitcoin Cash they will be late for the party.

But it is better for the beginning to leave outside those that did damage to Ethereum DeFi. We take a better position this way and getting ready for more.

I will keep writing about the developments within SmartBCH, the tokens and the new websites or any news and events that may happen. We are still at the beginning and the initial enthusiasm is finally starting.

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Written by   123
1 month ago
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You shared a very important information in your article. Good job dear, keep it up

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1 month ago

Thank you. I am trying to find some more information and I have for some new tokens I will write about tomorrow. There is a lot more coming and we are in for big surprise. I consider moving the funds earned to benswap and buy some of the tokens.

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1 month ago

Too bad I didn't get any of the airdrop. I completely missed out on the KHT but I did the ARG. I was told they gave Telegram people rather than Twitter. I deleted my address on Telegram since I already posted on Twitter to avoid double entry.

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1 month ago

There is also meme contest running today for ARG and KTH.

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1 month ago

Wow. Thank you.

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1 month ago