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Manipulation Against Bitcoin Cash

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4 months ago (Last updated: 1 week ago)

I was watching the charts as always and was excited with the Bitcoin Cash price action and big purchases in exchanges.

But again, as always, any similar big purchace was met with naked shorters at Binance and the rest derivative exchanges.

This manipulation makes investors leave Bitcoin Cash. It goes the same for years and will be like that for years more. The Bitcoin whales are behind this together with help from Binance and Bitfinex.

More exchanges join and the trend of naked shorting Bitcoin Cash with not enough BCH to back such claims can keep going on for a long time.

It is a shame the Bitcoin whales are using their pals at the exchanges to succeed in suppressing the price of BCH. These are mechanics coming from the dirtiest parts of Wall Street, the Wolfs that are now the new best friends of the Bitcoin whales

The trading paterns are exposing the serious manipulation, with last example today's wick to the upside, getting instantly sorted by the exchanges, most of all at Binance.

It has been like that for Bitcoin Cash for years, wick after wick after wick, shorters appear and create an illusion of BCH being dumped, but in fact this is just the outcome of the algos Binance is running.

The rest exchanges also are responsible, Kraken, Coinbase, the Korean and Japanese exchanges that also have systems connected and dark pools for traders to manipulate price in expense of BCH.

It seems some of the Bitcoin whales are more interested in shorting Bitcoin Cash than anything that happens with BTC.

It is the main rival, there is no Ethereum, no XRP, not even any other crypto like Cardano and of course no Doge and no Shiba. It is all about Bitcoin Cash for the BTC maximalists. This is the threat and they will keep price of BCH down as it is the only remaining argument they have about success and failure.

It is the only narrative for Bitcoin-BTC the price is moving higher so it is all successful and working perfectly. While the network is dying a slow death and bad actors in BTC are exploiting those entering with lies and hypocrisy.

I've honestly haven't met anywhere else in any other area, any other field of finance, so many terrible people gathered together and acting with such hatred and spite, with such anger and no arguments, with such pathetic mob attitude, that covers their incompetence and lack of ideals. These sell outs are just acting like scammers shouting to those that caught them stealing money.

Nothing beyond that. I see very few in Bitcoin today that are not scoundrels. Dishonesty, rogue behaviors and lack of ethics is what the cult of BTC whales, maximalists, and all their puppets represent.


Bring It On - Keep the Shorting

Short BCH to zero, I will be glad to enter the exchanges and buy. Most investors will keep buying at levels that are inconsistent to BCH developments. This is not a private company that will run out of money the lower you bring it.

It only creates new opportunities for the ten thousand investors that understand this potential to be in Bitcoin (BCH) at this time and date.

Cause you see, the recent price irregularity, has created many concerns, and gave us a chance to accumulate. See, there are investors that love what you are doing and in a few years a new kind of crypto whales will appear. Thousands of BCH millionaire whales. And we will thank the BTC maniac whale and the exchanges allowing naked shorting practice for making us a BCH millionaire.

Rare to see such stupidity, but should be expected since these are the idiotic whales that accidentally made a fortune by just hodling BTC . These stupid funds will get the rekt days they deserve and will be the ones buying back in Bitcoin Cash once the tide turns, the naked shorts are exposed and squeezed.

The day will come, Bitcoin Cash price could even reach higher than Bitcoin-BTC when a short squeeze takes place.

Then, we will be the lucky ones that bought BCH early and we will be the ones deciding.

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Written by   304
4 months ago (Last updated: 1 week ago)
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BCH is so useful and makes me happy personally because it is easier than ever to purchase things online with bitcoin cash. Sadly they keep on bringing it down for their benefits but i'm pretty sure it will rise again and as you said, more investors will gladly pick up some BCH at a very low price therefor boosting the price higher. Patience is key and holding onto them is the best thing to do at the moment, to not go in a lose while there is good potential in the future.

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4 months ago

While they kept on trying to keep the price of BCH down, the number of merchants accepting BCH just kept on increasing.

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4 months ago