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Bitcoin Cash Price Will Disprove Doubters

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3 months ago

We can move with this tactic, crash BCH to $ 1 and then just buy 1000 BCH each. We will become whales instantly with just $ 1000.

But this is not going to happen, no matter how much some want it. There is a bottom, which depends to BCH, but it is perhaps $ 150, but no less. Don't expect $ 75 BCH again.

And don't expect BTC to reach $100K either.

I don't know if this was the best introduction, but, it is relevant to the current news that have found all cryptocurrenices dropping in a vacuum.

We are in a free fall, but don't worry, $ 400 and $ 500 will be back for Bitcoin Cash, and maybe it will be next few months or next year, but it will certainly be at this price again. It is not even considered a price target to sell your BCH for trading, it is just achievable with ease.

So, are you holding today and thinking of selling your BCH?

Maybe consider those in BTC that are in panic mode and suddenly forgotten all the narratives of store of value, and their El Salvador shady schemes.

Or consider again, why the PlanB account on Twitter remained anonymous when kept publishing about 100k without accepting any contrary bets.

The Game Is Lost For Some, But Not For BCH

Not for Bitcoin Cash. With smartBCH, it is just beginning. With all the adoption in Australia, Venezuela and other places it is now close than ever to create its own conditions and separate from the hype.

The game is lost for BTC, this was its final bull run and now momentum is shifting to useful blockchains and coins that can achieve wide adoption.

I keep buying BCH all this time and will keep doing this.

I accumulate and stake the green sats.

Maybe one day I will tell you my whole investment size although I prefer to keep it hidden, but I doubt my tax authority will find me, or come looking at readcash for those that hold crypto to tax us in the future. To be sure, I will keep an anonymos profile and not attract too much attention, since the future is bright for us.

I plan to reach whale status with BCH, this anyway, will take long, and there is a part in the community that tells the truth, that price shouldn't mind so much, but this part is already wealthy enough from their early involvement with Bitcoin.

I understand them, they try to spread the word on Bitcoin Cash, but in a different approach, a contrarian one, but they should know, a currency is also a store of value. We don't want to hold a useless currency, but one that will support our wealth.

So, they are wrong when saying that price doesn't matter, it matters and the higher Bitcoin Cash gets it is the better for everyone.

It is better to explain that price will be in parallel with adoption and developments, not just exorcise price of BCH like it is nothing.

The dollar price is the standard like it or not, since the dollar is the global reserve currency. An inflating fiat that doesn't offer us a choice to hold and work for it.

But BCH offers the choise for thousands to work for it, to invest in it.

It has limited supply, 21 million coins and this will never change. Maybe you haven't studied the basic economics at highschool, but when you have such a currency, its price will climb higher as demand rises.

I don't mean offence but this is basic economics. There is manipulation and I absolutely hate it and call it since it is obvious, but this is the law, when demand increases we will see price rising, since the supply of BCH is constant. Don't take into account the remaining 2 million coins to be mined but the 21 million as a fixed constant.

This doesn't change. Demand is poor lately because we couldn't attract investments for 8 months. Seriously, I doubt you want Bitcoin Cash price to drop and looks suspicious to see this approach by some that call themselves holders, investors, and users of Bitcoin Cash.

But, in any way if Bitcoin Cash drops a lot as these "community" members suggest, I will start selling assets to buy it. I love the developments by the BCH devs, and I adore smartBCH and the way it moves forward.

What Bitcoin Cash is more push by everyone. More adoption, more investments, more accumulation.

It needs less naysayers, less demoralizing contrarians, less egoism.


We are not going for new all time lows, Bitcoin Cash will stay above this line, and there is no "buts" here to make a counter-argument. Those calling for zero price are disappointing the rest that thought of them as intellects and important members.

It is also making you look suspicious to the rest, since this is just what the Bitcoin maxis want. To see more division and more contradictions.

Bitcoin Cash doesn't need to have insiders claiming it will die. Is Bitcoin Cash a crypto that doesn't work? Is it one that doesn't have developments? Is it one that doesn't have people? I see thousands active members and many with their real identity coming forward and supporting Bitcoin Cash with vigor.

You are also demoralizing the 99% of the users so don't do that, unless as I stated before, this is your plan.

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Written by   304
3 months ago
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I accept BCH as payment for my crocheted items. 😁

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3 months ago

I perfectly understand your position, what's more, I totally agree, but the sun cannot be covered with a finger, without a doubt the staggered and consecutive fall in the price of BCH is a demotivating factor for any user, and even more so when you have a little capital as is my case and you see how your wallet reflects a lower balance every day, despite the great efforts you make to produce BCH through the publication of content in read and noise.

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3 months ago

You are right, in countries like Venezuela the adoption of this cryptocurrency is very notable and that has caught my attention

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3 months ago