The irresistible attraction of adrenaline: Do you indulge in challenges?

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Even for those who are slowed down and nailed to a chair during the year, the warmer times of the year bring exciting challenges that are sometimes hard to resist, such as adrenaline sports. Can we indulge in the allure of adrenaline?

If you decide to embark on an adrenaline activity once, you are required to sign a statement that you are participating at your own risk. A signature is required when it comes to high-risk activities such as skydiving or bungee jumping.

Adrenaline is an adrenal gland hormone secreted by the body in stressful and dangerous situations. The heart then works faster, the blood vessels dilate and the blood goes to the large skeletal muscles, breathing speeds up and blood pressure rises, the pupils dilate and the visual field narrows.

In short, the whole body works fast and creates the conditions for a quick and energetic reaction and avoidance of danger. Such a reaction of the organism is automatic and developed during evolution in order to save man from danger and avoid the devastating consequences of fire, beast attack, flood…

Adrenaline sports

In modern times, man is not so active and does not live in nature, but reacts equally to stress. And while for some, normal daily stress is enough to make them feel alive, there are also those who need activity that will further boost their adrenaline rush. Such people like to face their fears, and in the background of everything is proving to themselves that they can overcome them and control every situation, even life-threatening. From a psychological point of view, such people like to have a sense of control, and they achieve it by engaging in extreme sports activities.

Lately, adrenaline sports have become so popular that people who are not physically active and have poor fitness also want to do them. However, by organizing adrenaline activities that are suitable for them, such as rafting, paintball or karting, this problem was overcome, so they were enabled to participate in activities and socialize with friends without feeling inferior. The probability of injury is reduced to a minimum due to high safety measures.

Athletes, go ahead!

There is also a certain group for whom adrenaline activities are ideal summer fun. Good health and competitive physical condition are prerequisites for carefree participation in adrenaline activity or for extreme sports.

Athletes and recreationists who are very well physically prepared and exercise almost every day during the year should not have any obstacles to try a one-time adrenaline activity. They often turn to extreme sports in the summer to break the monotony of coaching during the competition season.

Popular is rock climbing in nature, cycling in the mountains, kitesurfing and similar activities that require a high level of physical fitness and are not suitable for the general population. Athletes are eager to move, full of energy, prone to adventure and exploring the limits of their own bodies, so they are potential adrenaline junkies.


If you decide to go on a one-off adrenaline adventure, we recommend that you prepare yourself to fully enjoy it. We cannot influence the devices and props on which the activity is carried out, but we can:

make sure you are completely healthy and in good physical condition

before that try a less demanding or less stressful activity / sport

learn to respond to danger / stress

consult with more experienced adrenaline lovers

listen to instructions on the implementation of activities and safety measures

be sober

do not be stubborn during the activity, every mistake is dangerous

do not cross your own boundaries

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amazing topic dear

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I get adrenaline when someone drives a car fast :D

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