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Your tool is your purpose of life

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We all are born with a tool, it is invisible but still it is there. With time you will know what tool you were born with.

Suppose you are born with a guitar in your hand, imaginary though. Guitar is meant for music so you will have an inborn talent for playing a guitar. If you don’t have a guitar in your house then fate will set up a meeting with guitar. You will know when you will hold that guitar and you will pick up fast learning the guitar than most others.

Your tool is equally good

But it might be so that your friend is born with a painting brush. He is always painting scenery or making portraits and you love his paintings.  You decide that want to be a painter. But you are born with a guitar. So you buy some canvas and paint brush and start painting, but as expected your paintings are pretty bad and you get frustrated. You blame yourself that you are good for nothing. Your hands are meant to hold and play a guitar and not a painting brush.

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This is a dilemma which is very common. We try to imitate others without knowing our strength and weaknesses.  We are unsure about our tool and develop a fascination for others tool. This is the reason school is not about studies only, it is about sports, drawing and painting, crafts, acting and other cultural activities. This is the stage when children are exposed to a variety of tools to help them identify as to what tool they are born with. Generally children avoid these activities and focus on studies only. Few parents only understand this that their child may not be meant to excel in studies but may excel in other fields also. A child may identify his tool but if he doesn’t get support then most likely he will leave it and try to adopt what is thrust upon him. And this will lead to a lifelong down turn.

Change your purpose according to your tool

Sometimes this identification of the birth tool comes later in life. This starts with lack of interest in what you are actually doing in life. You will feel certain emptiness within you even though whatever you may do now may be giving you all the material benefits you want. This means you have still not identified your tool. In the school days or teen age we are not aware of all the things but once in the twenties we have more exposure to the world. So those who miss it in the teens can still find there tool later also. Just keep looking for it, and when you will see it then you will automatically get attracted to it.

Image: pixabay

I have seen so many cases when people made a 180 degree shift from what they were doing earlier, major career changes in mid age life. The purpose of your life shifts completely. It is all about identifying the tool and then you are already half way there. When you have identified your tool then don’t try to suppress it.

find your tool

Most of us are lazy finding our tool and just go along with what is coming our way. When it comes to finding a job we prefer to stay on the time and tested path, unwilling to deviate. So the tool never gets disclosed to us as we never make an effort to find it. Poverty and poor financial condition keeps us from getting our tool. Now days in TV I see programs like singing talent shows and 'India got talent', where I see so many people from poor back ground that are doing menial jobs to earn a living but have exceptional talent in other fields. They lack to opportunity to shine due to conditions beyond them.

To identify your tool you have to ask two questions:-

1 Are you happy at what you are doing now? If not then

2. What do you want to do?

Image: unsplash

You can jot down your answers. Sometimes you may have multiple answers for the second question because it can be sub consciously affected by what others are doing. But once you have jotted them down then you need to narrow them down. You can repeat this process at 6 months interval to be more accurate about your tool. You can discuss it with your close relations and friends who actually know you very well for a long time.

This is the purpose of life, to find your own tool rather than looking at and imitating others.

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Written by   178
1 month ago
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