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At the gallop of thoughts and looks, happiness passes, when will that state of being happy to come to me? Some people wonder incessantly why they do not feel that they are happy? With these questions, I start this article, written based on my life experience.

The state of being happy turns out to be complex because it depends on the beliefs, values, customs, feelings, and other elements that human beings consider to guide us in the process of being able to be happy.

From my point of view, we are all happy in our own way, but we do not know how to identify that state of happiness because we magnify everything by imagining that being happy is only having happy thoughts, where everything is fine, there is no sadness or tears, listening to songs while we give. a walk, it is possible that we come to think that the state of being happy is like when we take a walk surrounded by butterflies that flutter, like walking in the clouds and living dreaming. But the reality is not accompanied by so many elements, because in reality, it is simple

After doing some studies on the state of happiness of people, I have been able to show that being happy depends on what we think and consequently on what we do.

It is interesting to think that being happy may be a life decision, maybe it is the same as always or not, but it will depend on each one of us. I firmly believe that being able to move to a state of happiness comes when we begin to recognize ourselves as the sensitive, human and vulnerable being that we are.

Do not punish yourself

Generally, when we make mistakes, human beings tend to blame themselves for everything that happens, and a movement of guilt begins, some will be able to get out of state easily, but others will have to go a long way of tears and suffering, because of the way of thinking does not help them. I call this process of guilt "the ghost" because it appears and disappears every time it wants to torment the minds of those who fear it.

The ghost of thoughts is born through bad actions, errors, or mistakes, which are transformed into guilt and charges of conscience that some people accumulate over time, and if the person allows this ghost to last in time then, it will hinder the process of finding your own happiness.

It is interesting to think that being happy may be a life decision, maybe it is the same as always or not, but it will depend on each one of us. I firmly believe that being able to move to a state of happiness comes when we begin to recognize ourselves as the sensitive, human and vulnerable being that we are.

The illness

It is the ghost of fear that accompanies us without having invited it and that is always close, like the friend that we do not want, but that we must learn to understand in order to tame its momentum before our own essence and we can draw the line of balance in our mind.

The process


The magic formula to be happy does not exist, however, from my experience, we can start by reviewing ourselves of what we are, what we feel, what we think, as a self-evaluation of our life. To carry out this evaluation action we must be aware of being honest with what we think and trying to be objective, which is not easy, but it is possible to do so.

The tool


One of the tools that I use for the evaluation is to create a list without order, only with those that come to mind of disordered ideas, this list as an example can be made with two columns, on one side you will write the negative thoughts that you have towards yourself and in the other the positive ones, it must be borne in mind that it is not a question of making a list of thoughts for or against yourself, in other words, they do not necessarily contradict the ideas written in each of the two columns.

This process of listing the thoughts does not turn out to be as easy, as perhaps you can think because to fulfill this task requires taking your time to be able to think patiently and let our own self flow, our inner being that is there, but sometimes we don't know how to understand or listen to it. Making this list does not require that it be done in an endless way, I particularly recommend writing between 10 and 20 items in a time that must also be limited by the person himself and this must be enough to do it comfortably, my suggestion is that set periods of 1 week 2 or up to a month, but do not leave it undetermined.

To recognize

When the process of recognizing begins, there is an opportunity for self-recognition of who we are and where we are going, in some people it is a surprise to read their list of thoughts, which allows them to enter their own acceptance therapy and it is possible that this action leads you to the process of forgiveness, which is another very valuable tool for letting out our strength and the wonderful human being that we are.

When we begin to recognize that our thoughts can achieve change in each one of us, then perhaps we begin to understand that within us is the solution we require to free ourselves from bad thoughts and thus find happiness.

Back to the beginning

If since we are born we are happy, then why are there so many people who can feel unhappy? It is a somewhat complex question and it has even been difficult for me to understand it, but the experience of the years has led me to think that it is about the decisions we make in our lives. So if a person decides to be happy he must design his own mental map to achieve it.

When we go back to the beginning we can notice that at some point we all had happy moments, when we return to our childhood we can find that for some playing in the rain it produced a state of great joy, for others playing in the snow it also produced the same state of happiness, And thus when looking at our childhood we can identify that of the simplest things we have memories that at any age in which we find ourselves brings us happy moments that can change our mood.

Our inner child


Our inner child The smile of a child is like the melody of love, games, dreams, children's joy are like unstoppable waves of energy that are expanding throughout the space where they are, therefore another tool to find your state of Happiness is to remember that child that you were, to awaken the inner smile that is somewhere waiting to make you smile again.

I don't have a recipe to be happy

It is simple, the decision to be happy is yours, it is within you, it is strengthened with your self-love, lives in respect for life, abounds in love for nature, flourishes in love when you help others, remains when you love what you see in your mirror every day, sing when you listen to yourself.

Therapy is in your hands, smile again because we are only in this life on a walk for a short time and we never know when we have to leave, therefore, try to leave positive achievements on your way, what you start you must finish and close your cycles. You are the owner of your own decisions, the ones that will make you meet the happiness that is within you.

Humbly this writing is part of the life experience, which has taught me and allows me to share this publication with you, I would love to read them in the comments and know what it is like to be happy?

With all my appreciation


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1 year ago


I like reading your article dear.You are good writer,so continue writing,and make us happy with interesting articles.I think,happiness we have to find by ourselves.I try living in such way that I am happy with my decisions and my life.

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1 year ago

I think the same, that happiness is within each one of us. Glad you like my article, you are always welcome. Good vibes.

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1 year ago

I find your article very interesting. For me happiness is to enjoy the few or many moments that life gives me in its opportunity. Knowing how to enjoy every moment with someone special, or enjoying my solitude, or the scent of a flower or any small or big detail that stimulates my inner world and makes me smile, or laugh out loud, that and many other things are for me my moments of happiness. Thank you for sharing your story.

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1 year ago

How nice to see you again. Today I coincidentally had a virtual conference on the subject of happiness, and among all those who participated, they became aware that happiness is a moment, it is a state, it is a decision, and we are all happy because being happy is in each one of us.

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1 year ago

Yes, that's right, they are small moments that we should not let pass without enjoying them to the fullest because they do not come back.

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1 year ago