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This Is The Secret To Writing Bitcoin Cash Every Day

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1 week ago

Hi everyone, how are you today. Some people look for ways to survive in the pursuit of dreams. The spirit that was born in the article was very positive. I give my respect to the writers who keep writing under any conditions.

When the days are full of tired due to heavy work. Short time to come up with ideas. These independent writers maintain hope through every published article.

A few days ago, the value of Bitcoin Cash gave hope. The exchange rate of Bitcoin Cash opens a plan for every dream. Although it didn't last long, in the end Bitcoin Cash returned to maintain a rhythm in the market with an average value appearing.

I can't imagine, when Bitcoin Cash returns to earth, writers are still writing. There is no impact of the Bitcoin Cash price on writers who are always passionate about writing with interesting information and ideas.

How to find different ideas for the same article

How did you come up with ideas for writing about Bitcoin Cash? At the time the author lost the idea to write.

You can read articles about Bitcoin Cash that have been published. You can rewrite the article from a different perspective. Or, you can write the same article with different information or the latest news.

Have you come up with ideas for writing? If one article does not provide an idea.

You can try to read other articles with the same theme. We will look for that idea from a case study of comparing the prices of all bitcoins, such as BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin ABC, and Bitcoin Gold.

So you will have new information about market changes of all existing bitcoins.

Or you can read an article about the Bitcoin Cash community in your country. The community is quite active. However, they don't write to or

Why don't they share information about the community here? You can write that. Is there another reason why Bitcoin Cash proponents don't write on

Haven't you come up with an idea to write about Bitcoin Cash yet?

You can read your own article. You can continue the idea from that article. Or provide the latest data from previous articles. Or you can add stories from around the world to strengthen opinions or analyzes that weren't in the previous article.

How To Write About Comparison Between Bitcoin Cash and Fiat

We can read articles about the advantages of investing in Bitcoin Cash. Because every Bitcoin Cash is worth more than the money printed by the bank and returned to the bank.

After that, you can take your money. Then, you go to the bank and save your money there. For example, you save $100 in the bank. Just go to the bank and do it.

On the other hand, you buy Bitcoin Cash with another $100. So, you can compare fiat and Bitcoin Cash. On the same day, you go to the bank to save $100 there.

At that moment, you change $100 to Bitcoin Cash. You can write how to save in the bank and how to buy Bitcoin Cash. That's an interesting idea.

Every day, you go to the bank and make a check for your money. Did your money increase because of interest from the bank?

Then you look at the market in crypto, does the existing Bitcoin Cash have an attractive price?

You can write about the comparison between your money in the bank and Bitcoin Cash on the market.

At the end of the month, you can see if the $100 in the bank is still $100. Then, you can see if the $100 in Bitcoin Cash is still there, missing, or adding a few dollars?

Thus, you are the author who will see a comparison between Bitcoin Cash and money stored in the bank.


Whatever you write is the result of your own hard work. You have thought of all the ideas for writing. You don't need to be afraid to rewrite existing articles. Of course not to 'copy-paste' from one article to another.

Second, you can tell how you compare Bitcoin Cash with Fiat. Not reading information from the news but from your daily experience. That is one of many suggestions for writing about Bitcoin Cash.

Third, you can write about a diary. Remember, every day has a story and you can share that daily story. You can plan your daily activities like you make beautiful noise on



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Written by   163
1 week ago
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Nice content dear keep up your good work you will achieve a greater achievement

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It is a very interesting point of view on your part lucky me I have not yet run of ideas to write about just yet, and I actually read your article trying to find a golden goose of ideas and how to be inspired every day about writing about Bitcoin Cash. I guess we all must find our passion and write about it, in my case I like to talk about cryptocurrencies in general and more about Bitcoin to me Bitcoin is the only coin that matters that being said I don't consider BTC Bitcoin to me it feels like BCH fills that hole very perfectly. It was a very nice read I would say.

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1 week ago

Thank you for reading this article

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4 days ago

Sure thing I am always interested in reading what makes read and noise cash tick, and if I can get a little help in my next article why not. If your secrets can help me I will sure read your articles.

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4 days ago

Nice content

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secret no more.. Nice idea

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Thanks hope it's useful for you. I got the idea from your article. hahaha so it's like rewriting in my style

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