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The Secrets of McAfee and Puposce's Death, Awaiting Satoshi Nakamoto's Counterattack

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1 month ago

Do you know the secret behind Satoshi Nakamoto? Is it true that Satoshi Nakamoto is Japanese? Did Satoshi Nakamoto come from one man? I do not think so. This secret was revealed when John McAfee revealed a little secret to the public that McAfee knew about the 'limited group' of Satoshi Nakamoto.

once again, i say they are: The 'limited group' of Satoshi Nakamoto

Previously, I wanted to write about this conspiracy. Before John McAfee died in prison. I don't know and know the secret of Satoshi Nakamoto. At first, I wanted to write about 'The Secret of Bitcoin Core (BTC)' - you know what I mean, I wanted to write it as content and publish articles.

Because I can't write and speak English. So, I don't read many articles about the Bitcoin Core (BTC) conspiracy or the Satoshi Nakamoto conspiracy. I write because I imagine that Satoshi Nakamoto is a club, like #Club1BCH where this club is the most famous club in the world from readcash.

In essence, I planned to write an engineering of a story that came from my imagination. It's like writing a lie, but I don't intend to lie. I write like a script from a play to be staged. Later, I promise to write another story about Satoshi Nakamoto.

Now, we will discuss about the conspiracy of the revealed secret. A conspiracy that made two men have to die.

When Secrets Revealed

How can you live by keeping such a big secret. The secret that made the world startle and shake like an earthquake, but there was no earthquake at all. This is what happens when people claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

The world will also be in an uproar when a man or a woman admits the ownership of more than 1 million BTC.

Well, McAfee said that Satisho Nakamoto is a Limited Group consisting of 11 people. I once thought that Satoshi Nakamoto was not a man. However, I didn't know that the club consisted of 11 members who used Satoshi Nakamoto as the name of this limited group.

I searched on search engines, Satoshi means clean thinking, quick thinking, wise, and quick to learn. While Nakamoto has the meaning of ownership for talent for art and writing. So I think that Satoshi Nakamoto is..........

a group of people who have writing skills in the world of information systems meaning people who know coders and build networks for blockchain.

At that time, one of the 11 members of the Satoshi Nakamoto Club made a small mistake by admitting ownership of 1 Million BTC of BCT. If you have 1 Million BTC, won't you shift the person on the list of the richest people in the world. 1 Million BTC it is very possible to make your name a part of the list of the richest people.

That's when, a businessman - Mircea Popescu died, this man was killed. McAfee and Mircea Popescu are the keys to unlocking the 10 other people behind the BTC Limited Group.

However, I don't know if the other 10 people are still alive or dead? The remaining 10 people will use all means to survive. The bad guy's fault was too soon to make Mircea Popescu go to meet God. They made the other 10 members put together a defense to save themselves.

What's the Reason Behind the Conspiracy to Death McAfee and Mircea Popescu

You know, if you're a villain like in a movie you see in the cinema. Are you really going to kill people to take the BTC they own? Or are you actually planning to force them to give away that BTC so.............

you have the power to crush the price of the crypto market?

I think this is very unreasonable. If 10 members of the Limited Group surrender their BTC. It will not destroy the crypto market forever. It is possible that the purchase price of BTC will be destroyed. Remember this,

it will not affect the market much longer. In fact, global traders will buy the BTC at the lowest price.

This is For one example:

Each member of the limited group gives 1 Million BTC. There will be 10 Million BTC circulating in the market. So, Elon Musk will take some of that 10 Million BTC. Likewise other entrepreneurs, they will take BTC at the lowest price. Some time later, BTC will skyrocket again.

On the other hand, other cryptocurrencies will not be destroyed for much longer because there is a new ecosystem of cryptocurrencies that can survive apart from BTC.

Not just Bitcoin Cash, I mean ETH and BNB. If BNB has been attacked because of Binance. You know who is behind BNB and ETH. Will they die tragically?

No. They are still alive. So, why are only members of the BTC Club wanted?

This is not fair. But it also opened their eyes.

There are many cryptocurrencies and types of these cryptocurrencies will develop. So, there is no guarantee that BTC will control the crypto market. It's impossible, even though now BTC is very influential in the market.

Not for long.

I often say that the richest people in the world can't give up crypto, they may not buy BTC, that doesn't mean they don't buy other cryptocurrencies.

How to Save another Satoshi Nakamoto

If this conspiracy is true and they are under threat. So, we must learn from the film. You've seen how hollywood conveys acts of intelligence or power conspiracy from the world. You can seek knowledge to defend yourself from the film.

Would you follow the lead of smart Americans seeking asylum in Russia, such as Edward Snowden.

Or use other means, but staying hidden is not the best way. There are several ways, such as hiring people who have the ability to hack and create false information. Thus, any system would not reach Satoshi Nakamoto.

Or, they use the power of the service provider's personal safeguards for personal safety.

Another way is to form new powers to control the world, such as supporting people to become politicians and occupying seats that have the power to govern your safety.

Or, they support people as puppets to become the leaders of the world's financial institutions and make crypto a legal currency instead of fiat.

On the other hand, the BTC Limited Group can use methods to take over the congress, the president of a country, or the prime minister, and others. Thus, they will not be sought, at least until the accomplice dies.

However, all these ways will add to the list of people who know Satoshi Nakamoto.

How to keep Satoshi Nakamoto alive is unknown. The trick is to create a pyramid of information that makes it difficult for others to find Satoshi Nakamoto. Each level of this pyramid does not recognize people who are two levels above it other than the boss himself.

Then, experts from existing technology and information systems became the key to making other hands carry out the rescue mission of Satoshi Nakamoto.


Nothing will change if all the members of the BTC Limited Group appear in front of you. There is not any. Maybe the market will change. But that won't disrupt the market forever.

The problem is, the world's financial managers will feel threatened because the appearance of Satoshi Nakamoto will change the list of the richest people, they can take power by buying those shares.

What was feared was a counterattack from Satoshi Nakamoto. They take over your company and control the world's finances. At that time, the owners of the dollar and other fiat could not regulate politics and the military nor the press.

Instead, crypto owners are controlling fiat in the world and changing the way money is viewed. It was this fear that gave rise to a conspiracy to find Satoshi Nakamoto. It's that fear that keeps Binance under constant attack. Likewise with other cryptocurrencies.

Form a doll, take ownership of their company, strengthen the power to guard the doll until others think that the doll is BTC Limited Group. They will lose their fortune when all crypto owners, not just Satoshi Nakamoto, all of us take advantage of the crypto market and buy stocks so that we are the ones who manage all the companies that exist on this earth.

This is my theory.

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Written by   238
1 month ago
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very interesting post cloud you share the link ( if possible)

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3 weeks ago

That's when, a businessman - Mircea Popescu died, this man was killed.

While I haven't looked into this a lot, and it also crossed my mind, do you have some intel you might want to share? I haven't crossed any other article claiming Popescu was killed.

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1 month ago

like I said, this is my opinion after reading the link and seeing that something is not right

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1 month ago

like I said, this is my opinion after reading the link and seeing that something is not right

Do you mind sharing the link?

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1 month ago

the code of Juni 23, 2021

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1 month ago