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The ReadCash & BCH Course: Digital Footprint and History

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1 month ago

An article is not just an article, an article is history for the next week, next month, or next year. Some people refer to the article as a digital imprint. A trace that exists in the world of the internet. Every published content will leave a digital imprint.

In other words, this digital footprint is history, whether it is a good or bad digital footprint. The choice is yours to leave a digital footprint as history or a problem for the future.

For that, we must start writing for the things that make you happy and become history. Because, the article will tell active readers or potential readers who have not joined here about good information. You will easily for explain to the world how you started a new life in readcash and noisecash.

I wrote this article to let you know about:

  • How the good experience became history

  • How is the honesty of history?

  • How do you stand after you fall?

Share a Good Experience

A good experience will be a teacher for you and others. Therefore, a good experience is easier to apply. Each experience is history and a digital footprint. You write down your good experiences to remind you of yesterday's kindness and tell how others can do the same.

Do you write articles or do you become a trader? A good experience is more useful for the reader.

Any experience that becomes a digital footprint will not be lost unless you delete the data. Articles or trade records are historical evidence that you show anyone who wants that data and information.

Some of us create video content to explain those good experiences. That's how other people share a good digital footprint.

On the other hand, bad experiences are also useful. What makes you sad or disappointed is a tool to remind you not to repeat the mistake. Experience is a teacher to others so they don't make the mistakes you've done.

So, every history has a different meaning, but history is what you create yourself.

Honesty from History

For readcash, you can read other people's articles about how they wrote the article. From the experience of reading articles, you know information from those who write well.

If the article is interesting, usually @MarcDeMesel will share the link from the article to twitter or noisecash.

Articles about how you learn to write can be found on search. You know, every writer here shares information and experiences about tutorials for writing articles. There is no secret way. They share digital tracks that you can read and even articles published last year.

For trading or how do you get passive income? several authors share information about:

  • How do they read opportunities from the market?

  • what cryptocurrencies can be invested?

  • How do they buy and sell NFT?

  • How do they save in crypto?

  • and etc.

So far i know, I've never seen a writer share information that misleads or deceives readers. When they wrote the article, they told how they did it all. However, you should know the keynote that they share their experience of market opportunities at the time they write.

Sometimes, yesterday's market is not the same as today's market. You have to learn and make your own decisions.

But, do I know how to get you $50 or $100 or $1000 for an article? Honestly, I don't know how.

How bots, Marc De Mesel, or top tippers have special conditions. I've tried to figure that out and I failed. So, everyone has a different way of writing and trading.

Don't be afraid of failure

Is that bot always coming to me? No.

Am I always profitable in the market? No.

Am I always happy? No.

Can I read the odds? No.

Am I friends with the team of bots? No.

There are articles that receive nothing or $0. There's a trade that makes me lose. There are stories that keep me from actively writing. There are times when I just sit there and do nothing.

That's the reality.

Never be afraid of failure. Never give up for every mistake.

Because life experiences, even though they are painful, are all digital traces and history that you write.

If you learn from that experience, in the end you will create a warrior mentality. You are a hero to yourself and others.

Failure is not the end.

Failure is misinformation and you have that information to do better later. Every time you fail that fast you have to get up. Because you will not know success if you have never tasted failure.

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Written by   238
1 month ago
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