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The Conspiracy of Death, Satoshi Nakamoto Stay Alive in Hiding

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1 month ago

This is the next story after the conspiracy about Satoshi Nakamoto. Is the story true? I can't say it's true. Because I write and analyze what I think. Therefore, every information is an opinion that arises when we make a connection between one information and another.

A new story emerged when the founder of the company Antivirus Software, John McAfee mentioned the limited number of secret clubs. "The 11 people were Satoshi Nakamoto," McAfee said.

mcafee in my computer

Don't Ask Why They Died

If everyone who is stated to be similar to Satoshi Nakamoto refuses to admit. Aren't you suspicious about that?

How about one theory that their every resemblance is lumped together?

Are there 11 people who have similarities with Satoshi Nakamoto?

How many names are recognized or similar to Satoshi Nakamoto?

Are the names totaling 11 people?

Why did Popescu and McAfee die on the same day and date, June 23, 2021? Isn't this weird.

There's no sign of Popescu and McAfee being killed. At least, there is a question why. That's a question detectives and crypto advocates need to solve. The problem is that the founders of Binance and Ether are still alive.

Is there a conspiracy behind Bitcoin Core, Binance, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies.

I don't know, I'm starting to get dizzy, and I feel like my head feels heavier than usual.

In fact, you can search for that information on a search engine. Look at the internet giving odd information.

Why did Popescu die in such an unusual place.

Why McAfee chose to hang himself in prison.

My friend asked for a link about Mircea Popescu being murdered. I don't have that link. I have the feeling that they shouldn't have died. This man reportedly died from being swept away by ocean currents while swimming.

Was Mircea Popescu not familiar with the sea? It needs technology like intelligence services or other technology like what Snowden is working on. The technology will open a new story behind the deaths of people.

There are many films that explain this. Am I just dreaming? Snowden is the one who proved that not all movies come from fantasy. Some of the technology of intelligence has the ability to use the resources of information systems.

The Real Problem

To start a new world order, money is the beginning of it all. How do you buy and sell things? The problem is, the money cannot be given to the government. The politicization of money will make digital currencies a new tool to destroy the economies of poor countries.

To that end, this money from the future belongs to the developers of bitcoin and crypto. After all that has been created. They took the idealistic path of disappearing. No one knows if they met after a few years of leaving the money they created.

When the crypto brought new history, every expert in the technology created the crypto according to the experience of the secret society. The debate is, the next generation did not disappear. Instead, new crypto developers are confidently showing their faces to the public.

You can look at other cryptocurrencies and you see who the creator of that crypto is. Everyone opened up, except for Satosi Nakamoto. Isn't this weird. Why are they hiding and other technology developers can live without fear.

What happens if Satoshi Nakamoto appears in front of you?

When Satoshi Nakamoto went into hiding, there were many crypto developers creating new cryptocurrencies. During this time new coins are created and you get to know who the people behind the coins are.

Isn't this weird. If they are looking for satosi nakamoto, why don't they look for all the crypto creators out there. How did bitcoin change the market. What is the secret behind Satoshi Nakamotto's hiding place? You know, rich people can now mine and buy bitcoins.


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Written by   236
1 month ago
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Somehow, I also have the same feeling. I remember the name popescu from previous years but I wasn't well aware of his whereabouts until he died in what seems to be some kind of accident. However, McAfee wasn't a man that would go down this way. I mean, he could have killed himself, but he would have given a show before and not just commit suicide in a prison cell. Thanks for explaining your thoughts andrian as we always have to explore all possibilities especially with all these mysterious deaths.

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1 month ago

I feel that there is something hidden from each of these mysteries

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3 weeks ago

Good article I think Satochi Nakamoto is not just a person. Perhaps a secret society of the new world order. Or to not make it too complex, maybe it is simply a rat child sitting at his computer 11 years ago that developed this technology as a simple project, children like these exist hundreds in the world. Let's hope that one day the mystery will be revealed. What if he was poor? Would you donate some BTC to him? What if I am Satochi Nakamoto? What would you do?

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1 month ago

What if people are looking for something more important, which is to re-open BTC and add or renew or take that BTC

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3 weeks ago

Interesting your question. We may never know the truth. It only remains to wait. You have a good day!

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3 weeks ago

All these questions that are asked here by you seem more rhetoric than ever and as such, demands an urgent answer from he or she that understands cos the problems of life are really weird that even words can't explain

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1 month ago