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Stop Calling All Crypto is BTC: We Live in Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

When we play Bitcoin,” said my friend the last few days. What does he mean by Bitcoin? At the same time he looks at all the crypto assets on the market. Is he saying Bitcoin is Bitcoin or is he saying all cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin?

This debate over lunch is the reason I wrote this article. I have no right to judge others for their knowledge of crypto.

Moreover, that person has never read the news or opened a website that discusses crypto. I also can't judge my friend because he doesn't watch videos about crypto on youtube.

But this is a difficult conversation. Every day I say that I'm not messing with Bitcoin. I even show you all the available apps, whether it's Binance, Trust Wallet, Toko Kripto, and apps from There wasn't a single bit of BTC in the wallet. There is Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Let's call my friend as Mr. X who has no intention to read news and watch youtube about cryptocurrency. This is a conversation that always happens at lunchtime in the office.

Mr. X: “wow, you already have a lot of bitcoins,”

I do not. I don't have BTC, if you mean bitcoin it's BTC. I don't own that asset."

Mr.X: "Come on bro, you play bitcoin, don't you?"

Me: “No bro, I wrote on and it gives Bitcoin Cash not BTC,”.

At that time and on normal days, there is another friend of mine, call him Salim and he has registered on However, Salim hasn't written anything on yet.

Salim: “Brother, bitcoin is one of the cryptos. There are many types of crypto. Andre doesn't play the bitcoin market. Andre also doesn't buy and sell bitcoin, you mean BTC,".

Me: “That's right Mr. X, there are many cryptocurrencies with the name bitcoin, there is BTC, there is Bicoin Cash, there is also Bitcoin Satosi Version, there is Bitcoin Gold, and there are many bitcoins. Do you mean BTC, BCH, BSV, or which crypto?”

I'm asking like that to open a new chat that there are many names of those who claim to be bitcoin. However, there have been many analyzes and articles that have written that the pure bitcoin that came from Satosi Nakamoto's dream is Bitcoin Cash.

Mr. X approached me and showed me the twitter of Elon Musk. Oh yeah, I know now what's on Mr. X's mind. I took a breath and let the atmosphere relax. I drank coffee and looked at one application and website after another.

Me: “Brother, the first thing you should know is an understanding of electronic currency or digital currency. The crypto that we call the opposite of fiat is not just bitcoin,"

Mr. X: “What do you mean? Bitcoin is not crypto?”

Me: "It's not like that. That is not true. Bitcoin is one of many types in crypto. And not all cryptocurrencies are called bitcoin. There are other types and you can see them here.”

I showed my wallet. I pointed out there are many cryptocurrencies and they are not all BTC. This is indeed a problem that occurs in Indonesia. Each time there is one name that takes a claim from the same item. Then all items with different types will be called by a common name.

I will tell this matter. If you go to Indonesia, you will be surprised when we say that we drive Honda. Even though the motorcycles we use are from Yamaha, Suzuki or from other factories. That's because there are more motorcycles from Honda than other brands.

Therefore, beginners in Indonesia will be more fluent in saying that crypto is bitcoin. Because, BTC has long claimed to be a crypto and other types must follow BTC.

Me: “How about Mr. X, do you know that crypto is the parent of btc. BTC and other types are children of crypto. So it's not the same."

Mr. X: “I see. Then, what are you playing?"

Me: “I didn't play anything. If you mean buying and selling on the market from crypto. I haven't done that yet."

Salim: “Yeah right, Andre doesn't trade with crypto. He wrote and earned Bitcoin Cash. Remember, Bitcoin Cash is not BTC.”

My friend Salim helped to explain what was going on.

I don't blame Mr.X for not knowing the difference between bitcoin BTC and crypto or Bitcoin Cash. I explained slowly. I opened and it showed what was here.

Me: “So, I signed up on Then I wrote, commented on another article. Other authors reply to articles I published. And, there is a tip shared here in Bitcoin Cash,”

Mr.X: “Wow, so you didn't buy those bitcoins?”

Me: “Yes you are right. I don't buy Bitcoins. I received Bitcoin from and it was written as Bitcoin Cash and shortened to BCH,”.

Sometimes, Salim shows how to trade in crypto. Salim knows that Mr. X will learn quickly because he has experience in trading stocks.

The way the market works is the same. However, there are specific differences in the potential for each market and the risks that may arise.

From my observations, apart from MR.X, there are still many people in Indonesia who don't know the difference between crypto, BTC, BCH and others.

That's not to mention we talk about the ecosystem of Ethereum, Binance, and other coins or tokens that already exist.

Me: "How bro, do you understand?"

Mr. X: “Yes, I understand a little. But I'm still confused. Why don't you invest in BTC. Isn't there an Elon Musk effect?"

Me: “First, I don't have money to buy 1 BTC. That's too much. I don't even have money to buy 1 Bitcoin Cash. Second, I've received information that BTC and ETH have large transaction fees. There is a discount every time you make a transaction. Well, that is not the case in the market of Bitcoin Cash. You are free to use all BCH with the lowest transaction fees among all existing cryptocurrencies.”

I show you how transactions in crypto work. Because I don't have BTC. So, I show how I send ETH from Publish0x to an existing wallet. There is a transaction fee for that. Next, I transferred the ETH from the Trust Wallet to another wallet. There is also a transaction fee.

I see. You can see clearly. I moved Bitcoin Cash from to my bitcoin wallet. Then I moved the BCH to another place. there are no transaction fees there and you won't cry over gas like in BTC and ETH,”.

After lunch, we returned to our respective desks and started our activities until the afternoon. Before going home, Mr. X took the time to approach my desk. He wanted to know what I was doing.

Mr.X: “Are you reading charts for trading in crypto?”

Me: "No bro. I wrote on I have to keep my commitment to writing articles every day.”

Mr.X: “How do I know how the crypto market works,”

Me: “You have experience of how the stock market works. You can watch videos on youtube to find more explanations. If you want to write. I can accompany you to register at and show you how the writers work here,”.

untill now, Mr.X didn't buy any crypto, nothing. He also does not register on But he always ask about bitcoin and bitcoin again. It was an exhausting conversation. We have to explain about the same thing every day.


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Written by   334
1 year ago
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1 year ago

When I talked about cryptocurrency my friend asked me if I am talking about bitcoin. Believe me a lot of people don't even know that cryptocurrency exists. I think Mr.X does not take the effort to learn about crypto.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

BTC is the very first crypto. That's why many people knows about it.. BCH is still infant, but soon.. The world will know that BCH is the real Bitcoin

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1 year ago

My friend refused to study it. I hope that will change later.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Mr. X temanmu bang kurang pengetahuannya tentang crypto dan malas juga cari tahu.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Bisa juga, tetapi masih banyak orang yang menolak untuk membaca tentang kripto

$ 0.00
1 year ago

I am also new to Crypto; So before I entered I was thinking the same except that i had heard that there are alot of diffrent type of coins but I didnt show any intrest whenever the discussion turn toward crypto or anywhere the crypto under hot debate; although I am still learning about it😂 but not asking by searching etc

$ 0.00
1 year ago