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How to live in the future? Read says, done and I am here

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9 months ago

To begin this writing, I am talking to you readers that I am new to here. I hope we can be friends. Okay, now I'm going to ask all of us a few questions, including a question for myself.

  • Are you a Facebook user? If so, how long have you been living with Facebook?

  • Are you a twitter user? How long have you been using twitter?

  • Are you an Instagram user? How many photo posts have you given to Instagram?

How about me?

Of course I am a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram user. Not only that, I also have lots of social media accounts. Sometimes it's just part of the fun. I don't really understand since when I got addicted to social media.

In the past, people started their stories by sharing photos and writing freely. There is no intention of asking for payment from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The more users, we feel lucky because we can communicate with friends or family without having to meet in person.

However, there is no credit that all these media give us. Not only that, political issues made me feel scared. In fact, there are some friends who have left Facebook and WhatsApp due to inconvenience or lack of security regarding privacy and personal data.

He's Coming, Welcome to the floor

Now, some people have started new communities using new media. For example, the media that you are currently using. is the same as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But there are some things that make better than others.

First, did you know that every word in the internet world can affect the life of a medium. For example, we write very seriously. Long writing. It takes a long time to think of writing ideas, time to write, and time for readers to read the writing.

However, how many of those words come back to us. Nothing. For some countries, the old internet package for accessing social media is even more expensive than the cost of eating at a restaurant. However, for some reason, some people are still happy to throw their money there.

In this sense, is certainly different from the others. There is more value, namely income. Even though income in the form of bitcoin cash is not the main thing. However, there is still something more. In essence, it is better to have a little good than to spend money on an already rich person.

Second, how do you become more famous in the old media? One of them is by using these media services to promote your writing. Is it free? Come on, nothing's free there. To promote your posts or posts, like Facebook and Instagram, you have to spend some money.

So, how do we promote writing in this media. I also do not know. Honestly I'm new. However, I can boldly tell all of you. We don't need promotion in this media. let's just say, this media is developing, however, if during the early days of media development it has brought happiness. Imagine, the future of this media. Do not be afraid.

May I ask you, can you predict about the future? I wonder, how do people do financial transactions in the future?

Needless to say, in the end, all central banks will use crypto and blockchain technology. In fact, there are many systems from many applications that already use blockchain technology. I heard, even to elect the president during the election will also use technology from the future, ssssstt called blockchain.

I'm going to keep writing about the future of money. Even though I'm sad to hurt feelings from money, be it banknotes or coins. However, the future has already picked me up. All of you, readers, are fortunate ones to have an early acquaintance with the future.


Andrian Habibi

ANDRIAN HABIBI, was born in a village called Pematang Setrak, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra. Currently, he is a student of Master of Law Science at the Postgraduate Program at Pamulang University, Jakarta. Andrian Habibi is a researcher at the Independent Election Monitoring Committee (KIPP) Indonesia and the Executive Board of the Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI) West Sumatera. Habibie's writing was published in various media, including Kompas, Republika, Media Indonesia, Singgalang Daily, Padang Ekspres, Haluan Daily, West Sumatra People's Daily, Republika, Media Indonesia, Amanah Daily, Koran Tempo, Suara KPU Magazine, and Analisa Daily

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Written by   250
9 months ago
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