Lesson's I've learned from Disney's Encanto Characters

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  • Embrace Vulnerability

CHARACTER: Luisa, the sister of Mirabel, is strong and can lift things effortlessly, but she is broken inside behind her strength. Luisa shoulders the pressure of being the eldest, who needs to protect and provide for the family. She invalidated and disregarded her weaknesses and emotions.

LESSON: I firmly believe that we are just a human, a human who have limitations, weaknesses, and fear. We shouldn't be embarrassed if we cannot do a particular thing. It is not a crime to be weak. It is not a sin to ask for help. Physical or emotional vulnerability is not something that we should be ashamed of. Always remember that we shouldn't shoulder everything ALONE.

  • "You do not owe anyone an explanation for what and who you are"

CHARACTER: We need to talk about Bruno; his force of seeing what's to come is effectively one of the most valuable of the family. His predictions could assist them with genuinely planning for occasions or keeping away from unfavourable circumstances by and large.

LESSON: Bruno hides in the small part of casita (madrigal's house). He's ashamed of who he is. Some people in this world live like Bruno. People who are tired of conforming to the standards set by society. People who are tired of explaining and defending themselves. The movie taught me that we shouldn't live our lives listening to others' opinions. It is not our responsibility to constantly explain ourselves. YOU DO YOU.

  • "Our abilities don't define us"

CHARACTER: Mirabel had no exceptional ability that could add to the government assistance of her local area or even procure her the love of the family authority, Abuela (MarĂ­a Cecilia Botero.

LESSON: There is always one characteristic, interest, or skill that define us. For example, a singer will always be known as a singer, or people will admire an actress skilled in her field. What if you don't possess any talent or skills? Are you useless? NO! because talent, skills or abilities is not the whole definition of who we are, it's our personality and humanity that define us.

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