Why aren't there more community kitchens

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3 years ago

You encounter several stadiums in every major city, you find countless museums, you have parks, hotels and hostels.
Yet, for something as basic as preparing food.. something so deeply grounded in human nature, is nowhere to be found.

Roads and highways cost millions, literally millions. They provide for something that people with cars benefit the most, they take incredible amounts of space, they contribute to the segmentation of the landscape.
We don't even think about, they are necessary.

What about kitchens?

Where are people suppose to meet, socialize and relax?
At the entrance of the cinema?
Shouting in the midst of a concert?

Enjoying gated pools in the summer because the rivers are trash?

Front photo by Wai Siew on unsplash.com
Camp photo by Alex Kotomanov also on unsplash

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3 years ago