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Poem, waiting to see a fish

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8 months ago

Combs, they did not fall from me,
time did not stop, in nature
water moving, like a soft secret.

rain does not stop in the ground,
the sea, the fish, its Shiva form,
the fisherman shivering.

In the city,
they try to catch the wind
with the hands,

fear breeds fear, breeds loneliness.

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Wow 😍 your poem is amazing , it's so simple but it has a lot of meaning, But when I read your poem I have a feeling of sadness 😔 thank you for writing this I learned again today, Can u please teach me how wright a poem ? I'm just new in this kind of industry, I'm your new fan now , Pls keep writing more 🙏🙏

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8 months ago

First you forget everything.
Then you stop, to care about writing something. Let go of trying to write a poem.
Then maybe a poem unravels,

I studied science, I'm also new to poem things.

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8 months ago

I think a poem is like a picture, drawing or feeling that you express into words.
I should not push yourself into seeing or feeling what is already there. It's just expressing it.

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8 months ago