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To work in this company you have to pay $15 per hour

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8 months ago

Ads for job-related newspapers and websites continue to appear, asking for job seekers to meet various strange conditions. However, in a job advertisement, the company never advertised a candidate Not to say that if they want a job, they should pay the company out of their own pocket instead of taking the company salary.

A similar ad was posted on a website about job ads on the Internet.
A company advertised for internship candidates, saying that candidates would have to pay $ 15 an hour to do an internship here. This entry was later removed from the website but by then the screenshots had gone viral on Twitter.

On Wednesday, a Twitter user posted a screenshot of an ad posted on the job search portal Indeed. This ad was given by a New York company, which was looking for a data analyst. Various incentives to expect a candidate in the news After being told that this is a reverse financed internship, the candidate will have to pay $15 an hour to work here .

Soon the tweet went viral, it was rated more than 20,000 times and 90 thousand likes.
The website's support account confirmed that this entry has been removed from the site, further investigation is underway.
A  twitter user commenting on this ad described it as the extreme form of capitalism.

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Nice find! It's crazy!

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8 months ago