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Dog and cat hair artist

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6 months ago

Theresa Favrera, 45,make clothes and other things from the hair of pet dogs and cats.Theresa, who often mourns the separation of her beloved animals, hires Theresa.

Theresa makes thread from living or dead animal hair to make them clothes and other things like teddy bear so they can ease the grief of the grieving owners.

Theresa, from Pittsburgh, began making yarn and thread from the pet's hair when her own pet separated from them.

He said he first bought a rag and started making cotton yarn. Theresa didn't just want to be dressed in sheep's wool. So they started making thread with the hair of pet dogs and cats.

He described his first project as a nightmare, a thread made of poodle breed dog hair. He told The New York Times that poodle is the worst in terms of yarn making.

Soon Theresa's passion for her business changed.

Theresa's house currently has three wings. She is currently working on more than a dozen projects, which are in different stages. Other types of fibers combine to form a thread. Theresa says that cats' hair is difficult to make.

Many years of work have solved many of their problems, but they have never ruled out pet owners.

Theresa has made several hundred pet hair products over the past 8 years. Their orders come from the online craft shop Etsy. From pet hair to hats, scarves, bracelets, pillows and sculptures of dying pets.

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Written by   10
6 months ago
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that's a very unusual idea..but i like it! i cant even imagine how hard it is to make that kind of clothes

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2 months ago