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2 years ago

Tiger cook

Upendrakishore Roy Chowdhury

One of the tigers died. At the time of her death, Baghini said, "I have two cubs, you look after them."

When the tiger dies, the tiger says, "How can I see the cubs, how can I do housework?"

On hearing this, the other tigers said, "Get married again, then everything will be fine."

The tiger also thought, ‘If you get married. But I will not marry a tigress anymore, they don't know how to cook. This time I will marry a man's daughter, 'I heard they can cook a lot.'

Thinking this, he went to the village to look for the girl. One householder had a son and a daughter. The tiger grabbed the girl and said to her and her cubs, "Look, this is your mother."

When the two pups say, ‘No tail, no teeth, no fur, no stripe - why would she be our mother! Kill it, we'll eat it! '

The tiger said, ‘Beware! If I say that, I will tear you to pieces! 'The two cubs fell silent. But they could not see the girl at all. And he would just say in words, ‘When we get a little older, we will be stressed, then I will break your neck and eat you!’

What else can I say about the sadness of that girl! When the tiger is not at home, he cries for his parents and brother. When the tiger comes, it is silent for fear of him. That's how his day goes.

And his parents were crying. Her brother also cried a lot for days, then said to her parents, ‘What if I just sit at home and cry? I will go and see if I can find my sister. 'Saying this, he left the house and started wandering in the empty forest. After wandering around, he came to the tiger's house and saw his sister.

The sister saw him and cried and said, ‘Oh Grandpa, why did you come? The tiger will catch you as soon as it arrives! '

The brother said, ‘Eat, eat!’ I am not going back without you. Hide me now, then I'll see. '

Then they dug a hole in the kitchen together. The girl put her brother inside the hole and pressed the rock.

Then the tiger came and sat down to eat with his two cubs. The two puppies are not eating well. Just saying-

‘Babago Baba, what is your shit? What about my uncle?

Mother's half-brother?

Kumkum under the rock - do not give up, father eats! '

The tiger was angry with the car that day, so as soon as he heard the two cubs, he slapped them hard. Didn't think about what they were saying! When he had finished eating, he said to the girl, ‘Kris back today, I will eat in the afternoon. Let it be good. ’With this he went out again.

After the tiger left, the girl pulled her brother out from under the rock. Then the two of them finished eating and drinking, grabbed the oven and poured oil on it. Then the two tiger cubs were cut off, hung on the oven, and the brothers and sisters ran away.

The tiger cub is hanging on the oven, and drops of blood are dripping in the hot oil. Ray! হচ্ছে Being on the back. If the back is good, then it is good, otherwise we will tear the unfortunate cook together with the three fathers and sons! '

Then I entered the house and saw what was happening on the back! Then the tiger started looking for the house by ‘halum halum’. But where else to find the housewife's daughter! He took his brother and went to his parents. And all the people of the village came running and told them what joy they were doing!

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Written by   70
2 years ago
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