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Should we allow little kids to use mobile?

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4 months ago

When I see kids of hardly 2 years using mobile like a pro, the thought comes into my mind that, 

Are the parents enemy of their kid?

 I mean is it a good thing to handle such a dangerous thing to a little kid who has come to this World just before two years?  I guess they don't realize that how dangerous this device could be for little ones. They just feel proud on "How efficiently their kid can use mobile".

 When we give mobile ones in their hands, they get used to it. Then it's hardest thing to snatch the mobile from their little grip. They start banging their head here and there or if we turn off the screen, they can even throw your several thousands into water. My sister used to give her mobile to her kid. But his son was a non violent kid, who doesn't scream much. But if the kid is violent and full of anger, then he can put you at a lose of either hurting himself or hurting the mobile. In both can your heart would be the one who would suffer.

What to do if the kid demands for the mobile?

  1. Try not to use mobile in front of him. 

  2. Keep the mobile far far away from his eye sight 

  3. Indulge in him some other activities that he love 

  4. Bring him some interesting toys

  5. Show him things he watches on LED TV rather than on mobile 

But avoid giving him mobile from this much little age. The results will not be shown now but they have effects in a long run.

It produces dangerous radiations which impact on hands that hold it, eyes which watch the screen, and it heavily damaged the brain activities. Mobile has its long term side effects. If we are seeing our kids OK regardless of using mobile phone, it's just the beginning. When they grow up, there will be something you might be concern about. So it's better not to handle mobile to little ones before they develop it's understanding. Or else we'll have to face severe consequences which wouldn't have any way out. 

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Written by   6
4 months ago
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