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3 months ago


There are  rules made by the society  which are compulsory for everyone to follow 

But sometimes it feels that these rules are only made for weak people there is no concern of these rules with strong ones 

Law only works for the poor but leave the rich. All the rules are for girls and boys have no concern with it.

One who has a supporter on his back gets a job while the one who deserves left empty-handed.

Isn,t rules were made to make people's life easy there was no such thing that rules are made to make rich people's life easy.

God never differentiates between us then why we look at others down and why rules are different for rich and poor in this society.

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Thank you brother for your concern about the societal rules. My apology to say that rules are the same for both but that's our behavior / character to do such things.

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3 months ago