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He Could Not Lose Him....!!!!

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4 months ago

He just hanged up the call, ran towards the gate and started his bike. He was in a hurry to reach there as fast as he could. He was told that his friend was in emergency and in a critical condition. There was no guarantee if he would survive. 

His mind was flashing back all the memories of the times they had spent together, all the moments they enjoyed together, all the mischief they did together. He could hear his friend's laughter and see the beautiful smile on his face. "How brighter his face glows, lively and vibrant! What if I could hear no more of his laugh and see his smiling face??" Ah, his mind refused to think further as he felt losing his breath, heart sinking down and the world going foggy and blurry. 

Reaching the destination, he jumped off the bike and ran towards emergency ward to have a glance at him but doctors didn't let him in. He begged to let him meet his friend.  One of the doctors came forward to him, consoled him and told him to pray.

He sank down on the floor with wet eyes, praying for his life. He was his most sincere childhood friend who never left him alone even in his hard time. His heart could not bear to lose him.

While he was in his chaotic thoughts and praying. He saw the team of doctors coming out of the emergency. He rushed towards them but before asking the desired question, the sparkling eyes and a light smile on the doctors' face said that all. He glimpsed at them questionigly and one of them nodded leaving his eyes full of tears, pleasure and gratitude.

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