Dreams are the inspiration for survival.

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Dreams are a series of images and emotions that come into a person's mind during sleep or wakefulness. Sometimes they can be imaginary, sometimes they can be the subconscious mind, or something else. It is very difficult to classify dreams. However, I classify dreams into two parts.

1. It is a kind of dream that people see in their sleep.

2. Another type of dream that people see when they are awake.

A famous sage said,

" Dreams are not what people see in their sleep. Dreams are desires that do not allow us to sleep."

The word seemed very logical to me. Because the dream we see in our sleep may or may not match the reality. If it does not match with reality, we can take it as a fantasy. While asleep, people subconsciously perceive various events in an imaginary way. But those imaginary events seem to come true when dreaming. It is often seen that we think about things all day long. We dream of those things as fictional events while we are asleep.

I think the most important thing for a person to survive in this beautiful world is to dream. You may think, why is it important? So think about it, the person who is alive today is somehow surviving on one or more dreams. Dreams cannot save people physically, but they can do so mentally. Dreams inspire people to live. So is dreaming. The dream is to show. He who does not dream is mentally dead. But you have to dream, you have to try to fulfill your dream. Or your dreams may be slowly causing your depression.

Your dream will come true if you can cherish it in your heart and determine your actions accordingly. Achieving dreams or goals becomes easier for them. Those who believe in themselves, work hard accordingly and rely on their Creator. By combining these 3 things, you have to follow the path of your dreams. If you always dream big, then you will see that realizing your small dreams has become much easier. Then the enthusiasm among you will increase a lot. Which will make the way you walk easier, make your life easier.

How do big dreams make small dreams easier to implement?

Suppose you set out on a long journey. You will see or enjoy many things on this journey. It can be different places, different landscapes, different people, their culture, etc. As a result, you get these things as a bonus on this long journey. Think of this long journey as your big dream and then the things you enjoyed while traveling is like your little dream. The joy of dreaming is here.

Many people in society never dream big or beautiful in life. Because they are mentally weak. Therefore, before dreaming, various negative thoughts are created in their minds. They think that maybe my dream will not come true, I have no ability or ability to dream, it will not happen by me. Thousands of such negative thoughts will fill their minds. These people could not do any good deed in society, could not benefit anyone in the society. However, they can do a job very well, that is to prevent someone else from fulfilling his dream. They will scare you, discourage you. In many cases, critics will not hesitate to call you crazy. They will laugh at your dream, they will say it is not possible for you. But if you stop at the words of the critics, then you will become an inert substance of the society. Make their criticism your persistence. Make a wish in your mind that you will succeed, fulfill your dreams and show them. You are a victorious hero. Not everyone will laugh at your dream. Those who are intelligent in society will encourage you to fulfill your dreams. The encouragement they give will serve as an inspiration to guide you on the path to your dreams.

Cherish your dream in your heart. Determine your actions accordingly and work hard and trust in your Creator. Believe that your dream will come true. But you may have to wait a long time for your dream to come true. One will never lose patience. Because Bill Gates, Jack ma, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos didn't come to this position in one day.

See new dreams, try to fulfill those dreams. You will see that dreams will inspire you to survive. Many of us have lost the slightest hope of surviving our lives for personal, family, business, or any other reason. The only dream is to sow the seeds of inspiration in them.

Dream for yourself, teach others to dream.Implement it yourself, encourage others to implement it. People will change, society will change.

Thanks for reading the article.

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Interesting approaches to the causes of dreams. I hadn't thought of it that way. I know that great thinkers like Freud or Jung, have written huge treatises on the matter. But dreaming will always be a personal experience.

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2 years ago