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The Reign Of The Shadow King: Charles III

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2 months ago

The world has been shaken by the devastating news that Queen Elizabeth II had past last September 8, 2022. As we all know, this date is also celebrated by the Roman Catholic as the birth date of Mary. Coincidence, maybe. We’ll never know.

The Queen holds the record of the longest reigning monarch in British history since 1952 up to 2022. She’s been the reigning Queen for more than 70 years, and now, she’s finally resting in peace.

But what will happen now that she’s gone?

Title: The Reign Of The Shadow King:
Charles III
Published Date: September 16, 2022
Author: alykavinsky 


The mourning for the Queen will lasted to 12 days, as we all know. And on the day she died, Charles III immediately took over the throne as the new King, and he will also had given his first speech as he honor his mother as well. A black-edged noticed about the passing of the Queen is posted through the gate of the Buckingham Palace, stock market and businesses in the UK will be closed during the funeral, and the BBC news’s red banner will be changed to black, as well as all the news anchors clothing. At least, that’s the basic rules whenever the current reigning King or Queen met their ends. A lot will happen during this 12 days of funeral, and for sure, news updates all over the world about this tragic event are constantly happening. It is said that the Queen however, died in peace. She’s 96 when she passes. She’d done a lot for her country and for the world as well. May she Rest In Peace.


First week as a King and he’s already complaining about little things. Last Tuesday was his signing as a King at Illsborough Castle near Belfast, and it happens that the pen that he uses leaves a leak of ink on his hand. “Oh God, I hate this pen!” The King uttered out of frustration. Throwing a tantrums already, eh? He’s also complaining about the messy desk he has. He’s been trending on social media about this incident, and people are making fun of him. We all know, that on his 70th birthday, he received only around 48% approval from the public, because his people doesn’t have much liking on him compared to the late Queen, who always gets 70% above of approval rate from their people. We’ll see what’s chaos he can bring to his kingdom to more days to come.


Long before he became the King, he was dub as “The Shadow King” by a lot of critics. Some people say that even when the Queen was still alive, he’s already been acting as King behind her back. That’s why he didn’t get much approval from the public. A lot of Britons says that, he doesn’t really fit to be a King. And as what I’ve mentioned earlier, his true nature has already been showing even in the first week of him on the throne. Complaining over little things in the public eye only allows the people to take a sneak peek behind his true color. He made his reign already chaotic even in the beginning.


Passing of the Queen brought a lot of changes in the UK. Not just in the royal family, but in the whole country as well. These are some of the major changes that’s about to happen.

  • National anthem - it will be change to “God save the King”, from “God save the Queen”.

  • Currency - all currency in their country will be replace by King Charles’s image. And all the currency that has the image of the Queen on it will be collected through the years until it’s finally replaced.

  • Armed Forces Uniforms - it’s said that it will be change as well.

Plenty of changes are about to happen in this new monarch, and the world will just have to wait for its impact.

Will King Charles III can manage to establish a better reputation than his mother? Or will he still be “The Shadow King” that the critics believes him to be.

I’m no expert about this important event in this era, but I’m glad just to shared my thoughts about it. Hope it add up some info on your noggin’. Till the next read. Keep safe, you guys!

Adiós! 🥂

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Written by   34
2 months ago
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A lot of countries in the commonwealth may not keep him as their monarch including Australia and Canada, well... whatever happens he'll be the king in the UK for sure. But this does bring up the debate if the commonwealth needs a figurehead monarch in 2020s

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

Queen Elisabeth have already reigned for many years, and now that there's a new king, everything may changed, it is possible to happened, it depends on the king.

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2 months ago

I agree. New leader means new changes as well. I think, it’s just normal

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2 months ago