Detoxifying on Social Media

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It’s been almost 4 months since I had deactivated my Facebook account for some personal reasons that I’d like to share here now.

We all know how the fast phasing technology changes us on how the way we dealt in life and how the way we see things around us. And social media is one of those many huge factors that affects our daily lives since it was all created.

So, after many years of involving myself on those apps, I’ve decided to start “Detoxifying on Social Media.”

Title: Detoxifying on Social Media
Published Date: September 26, 2022
Author: alykavinsky 


As I mentioned earlier, I deactivated my Facebook account for almost 4 months now, and it feels very refreshing. Aside from it took a lot of space on my phone’s storage, Facebook now are getting lamer and lamer as days passes by. It’s no longer the app giant that we once knew. It’s now the most toxic social site to have ever been existed. Everything inside of it are just a mere copycat of other apps interface and functions. Plus, nothing in there are quite interesting anymore. Well, except that when it’s automatically notified everyone when it’s your birthday. But other than that, there’s nothing more.


When you thought that 9gag is the only app source for memes, well, not anymore, because Facebook’s newsfeed are flooding with bunch of memes nowadays. It’s all fun when it all started, but it’s been quite uninteresting and annoying lately. Some are disturbing as well. Those are what you can see over a lot of Facebook users profile these days, nothing but relatable memes, and almost none are sharing things about their personal life, or some things that’s going on in their minds now. Just memes everywhere.


Social media as we all know are the number one source of fake news and those hoaxes are spreading like wildfires. One click on the share button, and that’s it. Funny thing is that, a lot of people believe on those kind of things without digging enough information further. You can never blame them somehow, because some websites uses a lot of clickbait, that’s why its really easy for some people to believe without even knowing the whole truth about a certain news. They only judged the book by its cover.


There’s nothing new about it. Most apps are so addicting, that it feels like there are times that our life depends on it. Like those who lives to validate themselves from social media. Being happy from getting too much likes and approval on their uploaded photos and videos. Specially those teens these days. And to be honest, it’s quite terrifying! I rathered have zero likes on my uploaded content and just be happy about it, rather than getting a lot and still feels dissatisfied at all. That feeling of social media validation is quite addicting, right? It feels like we’re all losing the purpose if living in real life.

Some toxicity that a social media can bring are these things, based on my personal experience;

  • Comparing yourself to the achievements of others that you have noticed through their social media updates

  • Spending too much money on things you didn’t need

  • Scams. Bunch are easily get scammed these days

  • Cyber bullying

  • Triggered mental healt issues because of social media

There are still more negativity that it can create as I mentioned on my blog right here, from many months ago.

But I believe that the amount of content we subscribed too, influenced us a lot in so many ways. The control is simply just on our shoulders, whether we’ll take social media as a form of entertainment, or a form of addiction.

It’s really a breath of fresh air to distance myself on using too much social media these days. It feels like some heavy feelings are suddenly lifted on my shoulders, and I’ve discovered who’s really checking on me when I’m missing. Very very few people to be honest, but I’m glad to have those real one’s around me.

That’s all for now y’all! Thanks for sparing some of your precious time reading some of my articles on this site.

See you around! *winked

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social media now is like a world where cyber bullies and trolls lives. that is why i don't use social media often too.

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1 year ago

Couldn’t agree more. Oh, good for you 🥂

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1 year ago