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"Life is like the waves of the sea, they bring positive and negative things but you learn from all"

Something that definitely identifies the human being is impatience, especially when we reach a certain stage where we have to seriously think about where to redirect our lives, not all paths are correct and many times, unfortunately, we do not know how to manage knowing where to go, we end up choosing certain processes that, unfortunately, instead of making us evolve, get us stuck, although fortunately when they are wrong processes, the universe at some point sooner or later restores everything, the paths and paths of life are perfect because when something belongs to us, it will always look for the way and the form of reach us, for these things we are like magnets, we are magnetic to attract into our lives what we need, although it does not mean that when these somewhat negative situations happen everything is bad, since in one way or another they always leave us something useful especially through lessons that we could later put into practice and implement in other phases.

Although we plan many aspects of life, three things can happen along the way: one that we realize is not the right path for us, two that it is, three that destiny has prepared something totally unimaginable for us, because there are impossible goals, when there is in us the discipline and effort to get up every day and fight to achieve our stated goals we can irrevocably conquer any aspect, the only impossible thing is always what you believe because unfortunately the human being is sometimes his own enemy , since we question many aspects of life when at the point we decided to do it, act or make the decision because it was the best, the past, what happened, what was unfortunately what generates that symptom of anxiety and crisis even, because we are still not clear on how to manage our emotions, especially when in certain phases nothing turns out as we expected, we focus on what we already It happened wasting the time that we could invest to become the person of our dreams, although basically that person is built as he goes through good and not so good stages.

The crises, the cloudy moments full of shades of chaos, indicate that our life is entering a turbulent but evolutionary stage, full of growth because it is not the best time to leave, crises indicate that they are the best time to enter change processes and above all create action plans to generate desired results, on the other hand it is necessary to be vigilant, the road is never easy, not even because you have material aspects, there are many people without any discrimination who have suffered, who have fallen but have known read and take the lesson to get up and continue with your life because those who do not learn anything from the events that happen daily or at certain points force that superior energy to send the experience again with other characteristics that at first will seem different to us new but living them will make us understand that it is the same but in different versions, always remember that what you deny submits you but that you accept has the power to transform you into a better person.

The past has no power over the present unless you grant it to it, so the only step you must take and above all give yourself is to put aside what did not happen and what already was, without placing absurd blame on it. nobody especially you, because in one way or another when you enter those points you need to understand that the damage is only caused to yourself, therefore you need to reverse your forces, you need to put the same desire into what takes away and disturbs your sleep from your past to the present, because many times our thoughts are our greatest executioners since they become our words and words in actions and actions unfortunately after a while in a habit and the habit becomes our destiny, the Our power is unimaginable and it begins with the mind, it begins with just one thought and the way we see life, therefore take care of them, because what you think you create and materialize in some way, The first habit that you must change should be your way of thinking about the world and about yourself, remember that great achievements are born from great sacrifices and are never ever the result of selfish attitudes and much less of people anchored in the past.

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