Take care of your energy, nowadays there are many small aspects that steal it from us

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“Disconnect from everything that robs you of your calm and your peace”

A life is enough if you are aware and make the most of it, a life will be enough if you value it, if you give it the fair value it deserves, in short, everyone has different purposes, different life goals that obviously lead us to create our own life manual, as well as lead us to give our own concept, our own seal to life, it is supremely natural to be a little disoriented, this is life when we just started walking through this phase, it will even be broken down as if it were a book, it will have many chapters, it all depends on how much we dare to leave the comfort zone, the zone that holds us and above all our essence, it is also inevitable to deny that life is based on constants exchanges, such as social ones, such as the connections that we create and strengthen with the world on a daily basis, where we basically exchange opinions, information, advice, favors, empathy, respect, love and many other things, but we must be aware that all the interactions in which we put our forces will inevitably also have a consequence, like every action a reaction, many experiences, things and people will largely return the same energy to us while others instead they will basically waste energy.

Now, energy in general terms is the ability of a matter to produce work in the form of light, heat and even movement, but energy is a very broad topic that equally covers a fundamental part of human life, since which is like the battery that day by day encourages us and influences the ability we have to fulfill our daily and daily tasks, many simply hear about this topic but decide to avoid it because they believe it is a fictitious topic, a banal topic, a topic even abnormal, but the reality is different since special emphasis has even been placed on these issues, research has even been consolidated and certain professionals have even given names to certain aspects that influence what takes away our energy, such as people who With their constant complaints and their actions that only seek to pity, they have been recognized until now as people who suck energy, all according to what they are equipped with. an to the vampires, that as we all know and we are witnesses that these suck blood because in life there are people who take away our energy, people capable of suffocating us even on the sunniest day.

We are witnesses how everything is classified by ecosystems, worlds and universes, the human body is not so different, we have our own life and survival system, one in which energy is fundamental, energy that obviously we decide how to manage, distribute and invest, our body, our emotions and our thoughts are governed by different frequencies, that energy even works for us as a system that helps us attract what we want for our life, therefore keeping our life and everything that it entails in constant balance is quite important To have well-being and fullness, many times we must be alert because certain downturns that we may have may be familiar with low, leaking or lack of energy, many times it may also be escaping from us for not maintaining a good diet, for having a diet that is only denigrating our body, although it is not bad to eat junk food, the bad thing is make it our biggest habit, when our body requires nutrients and certain foods contain toxins that influence our moods.

To strengthen, take care of and make our relationship with our energy lasting, it is necessary to reformulate many habits that unfortunately are taking us away from our true essence, freeing ourselves from people who suck energy is essential, because they are people who are making us feel bad, the next step It is looking for someone who can truly nurture us, can contribute to us, learn to say NO, learn to give space, learn to avoid and eradicate from our life and environment what drains and makes our energy run away, we must also include in our habits do the things that ignite our soul, that ignite our spirit, that exalt us, that motivate us and drive us to seek better horizons.

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