Miguel Ruiz and his philosophy through the 4 agreements

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“We all have different perspectives and philosophies, so spreading them is one of the best things you can do because someone is surely waiting to feel supported with their ideas”

Spirituality does not distinguish genders, it is not only for women, men can also feel it and acquire it as a habit, such is my case, I am a man and for that reason I do not leave my spiritual essence aside, it is something that I have been rooted in since I was a child. me, even long before the theme was a trend, but it is not a criticism because by becoming a fashion in one way or another we are recognizing that it is truly important for our personal development, since as on other occasions I have mentioned this helps us to recognize that there is a very large universe within us but we only need to enter into processes of introspection and investigate everything that we carry inside and Miguel Ruiz, a Mexican, writer and essayist, created a movement whose main objective is that people begin the best adventure of his life creating a personal development that also allows him to recognize his worth and potentiate his abilities, in addition to that in said artistic dedication he leaves us a wide world perspective.

Mostly this writer dedicated himself to literary works with reference to personal development but also mostly to shamanism, this in order to render attributes to his origins because he is a man who was born in 1952 into a family of shamans or healers who evidently had a great influence on his growth, way of thinking and lifestyle, another extremely relevant fact is that this man graduated as a doctor, since he had an experience that led him to know a little about the background that exists behind death and evidently he made the decision based on the fact that he felt a vocation, also thanks to the results that his family generated in the people who came to them to seek healing, it should be noted that this public artist in 1997, but managed to become recognized because Ophra Winfrey I emphasize that the delivery of the book was one of his favorites in life because it obviously contains quality content that helps in generating changes that influence us. They continue to be better people.

Summarizing the four agreements are as follows, but before mentioning them, it must be recognized that in order to apply it to the world, it is first necessary to apply the agreements with us, to set an example; Don't take anything personal, Be impeccable with the words you say on a daily basis but also with your internal dialogue, Don't make assumptions, Always try to give your best, writing and saying them is extremely simple but putting them into practice is the difficult part, what happens same as the famous saying you are not what you say you are what you do and what you apply to your life therefore it is necessary to ratify it by working on our will and our habits, in our sense of action, in words that he has expressed in several interviews Dr. Miguel, has exposed us very valid points to also get to practice them even faster, with tips that have even been taught to us from a very young age, from home, through respect, because the world basically needs cautious people, who see everything from the perspective of understanding, respect, love and empathy.

The perspective of respect must begin first with us, at home, respect and knowing how to grant it gives us perspectives of high consciousness, this according to the fact that respect exalts us with peace, we must always be in favor of putting and promoting certain habits and lessons with ourselves we will be making a future that we do and integrate it naturally into our lives thus creating in it an inner strength that will make us know what we are worth therefore we will always give ourselves respect, because we will not accept less than what we have discovered that we are worth and inevitably this will lead us to integrate it with others, because we will be more aware of the saying do not do what you do not want them to do to you, therefore respect, empathy, understanding and love will be a tool that we will always grant . The main objective of this writing is to get to know Dr. Miguel Ruiz, soon we will delve deeper into his books and what he leaves us as a teaching and a feat of life.

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