Many times the barriers and limitations are in the mind

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"Our mind can play tricks on us but in us there is the value of discipline, of perseverance that never allows us to give up, always pushes us to fight battles even with our mind"

We are born without any knowledge, we arrive without a manual to guide us, we learn everything as the cycle passes, especially in life we ​​have teachers, our parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances, even strangers, but we also have teachers who accompany us to evolve. especially in expanding knowledge and general horizons about the world until we obviously choose a profession or field to dedicate our lives to, these professors or teachers spend much of their time transmitting not only the wisdom of the world, they also influence our lives accordingly. to their way or style of seeing life, since parents, teachers or close people become an example to follow in those first years of life, they became our greatest idols, that is why we learn from them and even from their beliefs, but Unfortunately, in many cases, the beliefs they have are not the most viable, they are not the ones that add up, on the contrary, they limit us and do not you have left, there comes a point on the road where we can no longer, we want to stop, we want to restructure everything, for this we must stop having the vision that beliefs are forever, because everything in life is subject to change and what we believe is not the exception, constant evolution allows us to choose the path of renewal.

We are all creative by nature, there is a famous phrase by the painter Pablo Picasso that expresses "All children are artists, the rest will always find that they continue to be when they grow up", it is also evident that we all have something that makes us stand out, a skill that we bring a little more developed or that it is simply a little easier for us than for others, but it does not mean that others cannot become good, because what makes a master will always be practice , the experiences, the courage and the tessura with which they commit to broaden and evolve their approach, there are scientists and analyzers of the human being who affirm that we arrive well equipped with a quality that is provided to us but everything depends on us and our environment if we develop it or leave it at that point, many times unfortunately not because we want to shelve it, it happens that we get carried away by social paradigms, so that our closest beings years impose and issue on life, leaving our will and our happiness last, it is also clear that it happens especially when we are adolescents and in pre-adulthood we already see that when we are children and children in general have within themselves the courage to do what their hearts dictate, if they fall they get up but you always try, these are attitudes that we should not leave behind buried, on the contrary, they should walk with us towards whatever stage we are headed.

Unfortunately, many people, not all, sacrifice their dreams and their vocation to follow areas that they think will be better paid, leaving aside their illusions, discarding them, in these cases two things happen, along the way they will realize that it was the best decision or simply that it was the worst, since it can lead to frustration, to feeling like a failure with life, they are super consumerist feelings, fortunately as long as we have life and health we can change and renew plans as many times as we want, there is no limit that prevents us from embarking on a new path, on the contrary, the limits that are in our lives are there because we have decided so, but that can change at any time we decide, because it is illogical to have put or think about putting limits on what we are passionate about , what makes us feel more alive, more excited and wanting to live life until we say enough, the only one capable of making you unhappy or happy is yourself Or, create restrictions that do not limit you, restrictions that contribute to enhancing your essence, that help strengthen your passions and your great goals, because as long as you are disciplined and have persistence and insistence in your life, nothing can go wrong, things will always go wrong. things in your favor.

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