Learning to fly can take time and cost several falls

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"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

As we grow we will accept the importance of certain aspects as well as free ourselves from other characteristics that bind us, that prevent us from moving forward, an aspect that we will integrate and that we will accept with great ease is definitely detachment, that tool that allows us to let go and unlearn aspects that obviously do not add up, that hold us back and do not allow us to move forward to live other processes that will surely be more comforting and refreshing than those we are obviously experiencing, many times we live hopeful in processes and people that are not for us and holding on will make us lose valuable time that we could be living other experiences that obviously do add us, the tool of detachment is very important for the human being since it allows him to be irreverent and multifaceted, to let go of something valuable that at some point gave us everything if it does not mean that it is a bad process means that it had an established time Gone in our life and that is over, therefore we are freeing ourselves to live other processes and greater experiences, but it does not take away the gratitude and the good memories that those experiences leave us, detachment allows us to vary, allows us to improve and evolve.

Our intuition always speaks to us, it is always in constant communication with us and with our body, which is what obviously in some cases saves us from many harmful situations, therefore we must give it a great vote of confidence, especially when we perceive that something no longer has a place in our intuition. our life because obviously its time has expired, because it no longer has the same power as before lighting the fire of our soul, we must know that no plant, no beautiful or exotic flower, grows in rotten places or spaces, it does not grow in places where the earth is infertile, therefore we must allow ourselves to fly, we must allow ourselves to be like the butterfly, which flies free, which loves the freedom of its flight, which is diverse and heterogeneous, which only needs it to be able to integrate into new adventures. Many teach us that the key is always to resist, it's not bad, but many times everything has a time, everything has a limit and we should not stay to live a life withered cultures in a place where we do not evolve, where we already feel that our time has expired , we must know how to associate limits, we must associate that masochism is not a good style, that masochism is not acceptable for a good life, that we must be able to eradicate those customs that are so defined and wasteful in our lives, that is why we must find the strength to say up to here, because I am deserving of more.

The challenge will always be to change ourselves, to eradicate from the root what obviously limits us, does not allow us to live life at ease and its expenses, does not allow us to be in our highest and most natural version, take the reins of yourself , of your life, you are the creator, the architect, the designer and the builder of your life, of your path or destiny as you call it, the key is always in you, that is why you begin to question everything, many times what we do not allows you to spread your wings is rooted in the mind, so start by reviewing your beliefs many times they are the greatest limitations that human beings have, do not allow yourself to turn off, look for alternatives so that you do not withdraw from the world, because you are for great things, you have the ability to strengthen yourself and take new paths that take you to new anchors, that break down those limitations, that maximize you that allow you to be you in your maximum version, sometimes we just have to start with small plans, d I take small steps that little by little help us to foster discipline that successfully leads us to foster motivation, leads us to reveal results little by little.

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