Falling in love and its prospects

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“Love is a philosophy of life, not a stage of falling in love”

The human being has established steps to follow, steps that have become routine and even stigmas, given that it is monotonous, the world is so involved in everyone following the same plan meticulously, it is a plan that builds the lives of all that is to be born, grow, find a partner, reproduce and die, a plan that for many is their life goal, but today we find the strength to change it, to create and structure a plan tailored to us that works based on our essence and with our life project, it is evident that all life projects are different, people are diverse, we are a universe where differentiating aspects abound, it is undeniable that we share aspects, but that does not mean that we are the same, we have aspects in common, aspects like the values ​​and principles that we were taught in our upbringing process, we can share aspects of our personality and way of being, we can share interests, we can share go material aspects we can even share experiences, but that does not mean that my life goals should be the same and identical to someone else's, we are the sum of all the events that have happened to us, events that have led us to foster maturity of the In the world, no one escapes from certain stages of life, although today we are witnessing the great variety and diversity that is becoming more and more normal, it is increasingly something common that is integrated into our day to day life such as falling in love, which we mainly feel in our adolescent stage, adolescence is a stage that we all go through, a stage where we literally suffer and lack maturity, wisdom and certain aspects that will come with time and the experience that it offers us.

Adolescence is a stage of misinformation, a completely unknown stage, a stage where until now we begin to learn about the world and what it truly means to live, it is a stage where stages begin to arrive suddenly that obviously we must live, we must experience, as what happens we are learning, we are finding the answers to be able to overcome them successfully, these stages basically teach us that we must always take into account our interests, our well-being and what we want, basically we must make use of that self-love to establish limits that we favor and help us visualize what we truly want from the world, are aspects that we come across especially when we live our first experiences in love, love is the force that moves the world, also love heals, fortifies and exalts love not it hurts and does not hit that is the difference and when we are involved in unhealthy relationships with the second characters istics we must escape, we must be able to say goodbye and say I deserve more, those relationships are falling in love, falling in love is a stage or an emotional state that appears when there is someone in our life who obviously arouses more emotions than other people, it should be noted that all relationships in the world go through the stage of falling in love, only those who truly have the maturity to foster healthy and lasting relationships, to foster the bond, survive it, but they are also people who are in charge of taking care of it and watering it daily.

Many tend to confuse love with infatuation but they are really people who have not yet been able to read the daily contradictions, in addition to the people who stay and try to save relationships that do not have any kind of arrangement, unfortunately many people say they have emotional responsibility, they brag about it but They are really very wrong when it comes to romantic love, they often confuse love with falling in love, it should be noted that it depends a lot on each person, that is, it is individual, it can last 6 months, 8 months, 1 year or even last several years until people react and accept that their relationship is not built on love but on a false infatuation, love is accepting the other in its purest and most original version, accepting that it has good aspects and negative aspects but that it is still a person that deserves our love and our help, therefore, to truly deduce if it is love, it must be shared with the person for a long time. where they dedicate themselves to getting to know each other and accepting each other, instead falling in love is a constant state of anxiety basically because we want the other person to always be with us, we also want them to feel exactly the same as how we are feeling, we have carelessness, we can even neglect certain relevant aspects of our life when we are in love in a stage of falling in love where we only see through the eyes of the other person and we do not see through the priorities of our life, it is a stage where we try to integrate into the routine of the other person trying to discover their tastes to integrate us into their routine to feel affection as well as feel accepted by that special person.

It is a phase that we must go through to truly learn the type and kind of love that we truly want for our lives, a phase where feelings are unbridled, where we only see the positive and the beautiful in the person, ignoring the negative, idealizing them and taking them even to put them on an altar, I have to emphasize that falling in love is always one of the first stages of a relationship, it is a stage that transforms, passion and debauchery to the fullest lower their levels, transforming into more peaceful feelings of affection, respect and empathy, it is in this phase of transformation where we can deduce if the couples have durability those who know how to take their relationship to another level without reaching insane levels have the chemistry to last but if the opposite happens, obviously not because it must also be added that there is people who have not yet finished accepting the stages of a relationship and that as time goes by it has transformation and evolution like any aspect of life and they are people addicted to serotonin and the other aspects of brain chemistry that it injects us in the early stages of a relationship.

Thank you for reading!

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