Dreams should always be given wings

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"The world needs dreamers but just as or more brave, especially those who always dare to go after their projects"

Life must be lived based on love, based on respect, based on empathy, based on generosity, based on solidarity, but above all we must encourage each other, we must motivate ourselves, we must urge ourselves to dream, we must urge ourselves to plan our goals, we must urge us to dream savoring success thanks to the fact that we allow ourselves these processes, they lead us to obtain motivation, they lead us to seek strength, they lead us to find courage not to give up and to give wings to our projects, to give wings to our objectives, which allow us to visualize that if we can fulfill them, that we are makers of our destiny, that we are builders and designers of the path of our life, when we have no goals we go through life like zombies, aimlessly, losing more than winning, losing valuable time, if you haven't finished yet, time is not endorsable, time goes away and doesn't come back, it is now the only real thing we have, time is the true valuable currency, it is the green It is a precious treasure of life, so we must learn to invest it, give it away and use it in a way that gives us benefits, so that we get the most out of it, but obviously it is in our hands to give it wings.

Everyone in this world has our own purpose, we all have something personal, a goal, an objective, so we must run towards a purpose that helps us grow, guides us and gives us a turn, gives our lives a north, many times the real things we need in life are right in front of us, but we often avoid them thanks to absurd fears that paralyze us, fears capable of annihilating us, capable of damaging lives because they disorient people to such an extent that they become unaware , they come to forget their essence, an essence that is outraged thanks to stigmas, thanks to insensitive people who through their actions and words can break, can generate insecurities, can generate multiple fissures in the essence, in the personality and in the minds of those who have not yet managed to promote 100% security, a security where they know who they are and that no matter what others and their negative habits always express e we will be something that a retrograde mind does not understand and visualizes from its perspective.

The only person who can tell you that you cannot is you, the only person who can stop the evolution and growth both personally and in your projects is yourself, but no one can and can fissure, they can have influence if you grant them that power, for Therefore, you must work to establish and know who you are, to believe and bet 100% on your dreams and your ideas to avoid someone else coming to tell you that you cannot, because you know very well that you have the attitude, that you have the motivation, with the discipline, with the desire, with the drive to achieve whatever you want, obviously fulfilling dreams is a matter of, or two basic and fundamental aspects are mainly needed, which are working, insisting, persisting and never giving up, and the attitude , the people who work, who are in the process of climbing, to climb the stairs must know that it is not an easy one, they will talk about many potholes and thousands of inconveniences but it is all a matter of attitude, of the attitude with which we take in the adverse processes, because the processes have a beginning and an expiration date, never forget it and what is for you will always look for the way and the alternative to reach you, you must never lose faith.

You can break any border, any scheme, look at the example of the butterfly, a wonderful animal, a surprising animal with a difficult process, hard in which it is first criticized for its appearance, where what it has to give is not valued, the positive of its kind, just the opposite is pointed out, it is even branded as supremely ugly, then comes the second part of the process, transformation, evolution, where it stops being the caterpillar that everyone criticized to become a surprising animal, a beautiful species , surprising, overwhelming, it is a process that leaves us as a lesson that people usually accompany us only in processes where we are succeeding, that when we are climbing, when we still do not see the tip of the iceberg, people will only avoid us, point us out, brand us and criticize us, you must analyze and stay with those that truly contribute to your life only extremely positive aspects.

Thank you for reading!

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