Do not waste energy or valuable time in the closed door, explore the new opportunities

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1 year ago

“When someone wants something, they must know that they are taking risks and that is why life is worth living”

Life is interesting even with its ups and downs, it is still unique, it is still special, life over time shows us that there are many doors, that there are many opportunities, we just should not spend our whole lives focused on the one that has already closed, in which its time has passed in our lives because in the end the result will always be the same, the result will unequivocally be living tied to a past that will never return, facts that were left behind because they only had to teach us , they just had to flood us with experiences, teachings in the end were just lessons, they were guidelines not to fall into the same thing to be attentive, alert and be more analytical with what the world offers us, obviously it is not easy to accept that the doors are closed and that things do not go as we wish, rejection often breaks much of our character and personality, rejection of many makes them more sensitive and others stronger since they learn that in life to succeed it is necessary to live experiences of failure.

When we analyze thoroughly, we understand that the best thing that could happen to us was that on those occasions the doors were closed, that we obviously had to change all our plans, we had to show our potential and agility to avoid blame and look for new horizons and opportunities that truly were the ones we deserved and the ones we needed to grow, to evolve as people, the plans of life, of God or of the superior energy as they wish to call it, never fail, they are perfect plans, plans that remove from our life what does not have space, what does not add up and truly attracts what can help us rise in every way, many times we need to leave the ego and pride aside, aspects that do not allow us to objectively analyze what happens, because in the end there is always a purpose behind each drama or success that we live, many times we do not value what today gives us well-being, what today makes our heart be in peace and encourage us a smile.

Being meticulous and knowing where we want to go is often extremely good and positive since we become highly focused, highly disciplined people, but we let aspects such as our mental health take the last place, aspects that are extremely important and relevant according to that by not knowing how to face or manage our emotional stability can be seriously affected, these are moments where our mind leads us to close all perspectives, inducing us especially that if it does not turn out as we wish, the world will end and it may even fall apart on our heads, but the other side of the coin can expose that we are basically being blessed because very soon new cycles, experiences and adventures will arrive that will make us live much more pleasant moments, will make us feel more blessed, will make us feel much more fulfilled and successful in life. life, evidently that this perspective is granted by time, it is granted by the father So of the days, since at first it is normal to experience a duel because feelings of extreme sadness invade us.

Always have faith that everything happens for a reason, reason or circumstance, everything has a background, in the end that background will only end up benefiting you, it will end up offering you what you are truly worth, it will end up giving you your true value, because time will teach us that it took away many things from us. bad experiences because it did not give us the fair value we deserved, life does not end, life goes on, life advances even at tremendous speeds, we must learn to accept that it is better to let go of certain experiences and make a hole because things always come a lot top.

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