Astral travel or out-of-body experiences

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“His body is both material and immaterial. You can choose to experience your body as physical or as a network of energy, transformation and intelligence, that is, transcend”

The world definitely has more to give us than just what we already know, we still have a lot to explore, many including magical experiences, facts that make us question ourselves and life in general, because we always think and affirm that they were fiction, that They were like they say colloquially Chinese story. The world is a diverse place, there are innumerable things that have not even been made known due to certain restrictions that have to do especially with us since many are still not prepared to transcend in one way or another, although above all this has a lot of correlation with consciousness and spirituality about the perspective in which we see these in life, if we have advanced developing them or we have only become involved in the paradigms imposed by doctrines and society.

Spirituality goes beyond ideologies or doctrines, spirituality basically in short is the connection we create with ourselves, connection with our higher self, a connection that in turn leaves us with countless benefits such as starting the most lasting relationship and The most beautiful thing in life, of course, is with ourselves, that is, we begin to pay more attention to ourselves, we begin to accept change, we begin to become aware of everything about transforming and healing certain aspects that are stabbing and wounding us, like silent lethal weapons, that they let us see through signs that certain specific areas are not going well, therefore we must devise a plan to heal, to create a metamorphosis that helps us to elevate our spirit, so do not be afraid to become a being of light, a spiritual being , spirituality does not exactly have to be related to religions, remember that you can find or create and design your own religion in your inner journey.

Many are those who want to perceive and know the mystical and mysterious things of life, but unfortunately they do not achieve it because they do not have faith, they do not truly believe in it, as well as they have not managed to cultivate a true spirituality, this in turn It becomes a game, since they only want to live the experience as if it were something meaningless, but astral travel or out-of-body experiences are definitely an aspect that we must take very seriously, like any other aspect in life, it deserves respect, especially for those who have lived the experience, in short, this experience is based on the sensation of having left our body and floating around our physical body, this is specifically called autoscopy, although other scenarios can also be projected before us, that is, other places. .

The causes to reach this state can be numerous, among them spirituality in the form of meditation, even factors in reference to health such as psychological or neurological, people's experiences with death, drug use or even the famous sleep paralysis I do a parenthesis to explain quickly for those who still do not have the slightest idea on this subject, since it is the temporary inability that can happen to us at many points in life to move, speak when we wake up or fall asleep, although of course everyone who has experienced this life experience agrees that it has marked a before and after, it has left an indelible mark on the perspective of life that is difficult to forget, clearly after this many beliefs change, some are reduced and others are imposed.

Although it seems incredible, it is something to which we are all exposed, something that could happen to us, something that, although it has supernatural notes, is something that happens more often, but that not all of us are prepared to live, perhaps this is one of the main reasons why it does not happen to everyone, it may only happen to people who have been prepared or have experienced processes that help assimilate this even faster. There are also many who doubt, it is valid that they are sponsors of the famous phrase until we see not believe, but even today there are many people who can help us scare away the famous phrase thanks to their life testimonies, the interesting thing is that they do not They are just normal people, currently there are even doctors who have experienced the out-of-body experience, an experience that has marked them and for this reason they have decided to speak to the world with the events that have happened to them.

Another interesting aspect about this topic is that before it was not talked about much because it had not been investigated as such, on the contrary it was a taboo subject, which many feared or had reluctance to, nowadays this has fully advanced even creating series television or streaming broadcasts that make part of this known, planting doubts and questions in people that lead them to investigate and go deeper into the subject to create more awareness, a very unique case of an extremely recent series that has at least one or two years is behind their eyes, a series of suspense, interesting and with a surprising ending because they give us a great insight into astral travel or out-of-body experiences.

Thank you very much for reading, doubts are given away in this space!

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