Affirmations are powerful to manifest and materialize in our lives what we so desire

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“Fortunately we come with very powerful tools that, although we cannot see, help us and give us grains of sand to grow in life”

Positive affirmations are a kind of engine or gasoline, they help us to raise our motivation, they help us to better understand who we are, although it is a very simple tool it is a very effective one, a tool that will help us enhance our lives, because if either when growing up or due to certain circumstances in life we ​​are a bit unstable, affirmations help us manage our thoughts, make us more aware of them and the impact they have on our lives, because how we think about the world and especially about ourselves can being a great trigger to create these parallel realities, especially those who suffer from mental problems related to depression, affirmations can be the beginning of a positive way out of this, integrating this habit into our days will help us little by little to suppress repressive thoughts and that they are taking us even to the brink of madness.

There are multiple benefits but it should also be noted that affirmations help those who want them, those who believe in this fervently, half-believing does not work, we must have an intact faith and we will be able to observe and determine results, the mind often does not distinguish what is reality or fiction such a case we see implicit when we identify with movies or series that lead us to create and foster empathy that makes us identify with the characters or the plot, just as it happens when we begin to affirm, the mind begins to believe and when the mind believes it also creates, for this reason it is necessary to create awareness of what we believe in the world but especially of the concept in which we have ourselves, although affirmations help us to stabilize our moods, we should not deprive ourselves or stop feeling and live the moments, the affirmations aim to make us understand that even if the storm hits our lives for a period we can get out of this unscathed, we can flourish, it also tells us that we can have periods of low, that is, our mood will not be the best but in the end there will always be more days where we feel balanced and at ease.

Limiting beliefs also have the ability to overshadow any affirmation that we want to integrate as a habit into our lives, although they are patterns that many have deeply rooted, they are patterns that have many years, patterns that to eradicate them consists of hard and strong work but before obviously we must be aware of it, we must accept that this or many of our beliefs are toxic, they are aspects that take us to the limit, they are beliefs that do not allow us to grow, they are not stagnant and isolated from what our dreams truly are, for On the other hand, creating a support system through beliefs will make us strong in the face of any adversity, since the human being has a big problem and that is wanting to stay stuck in times of yore, it is that he does not let go of the past, avoiding the present with questioning how they would have acted better in periods that no longer have a place, when this happens it is necessary to take control of the situation and take action ar to avoid the endless states that the human being has of self-criticism and failure where basically he poisons himself when on the contrary he should encourage himself but above all encourage himself to avoid any type of toxic emotion that gives rise to actions that do not promote a true change.

The first step to change reality is always to believe and bet that we will achieve any change or personal purpose that we have, the energy that we emanate and have when we know and are sure that we will conquer is from another level, even from another planet, but there is to also be open to the fact that changes can happen with the passage of time, what we know can change, things can turn out in other ways, these are very overwhelming moments where many are surprised because they were prepared to succeed, not so that the plan does not go as planned, these are hard times for those who do not have the ability to manage them, moments where the impostor syndrome usually even appears, a syndrome that takes over our minds, speaks to us as if it were us, basically expressing that we will not achieve it and that we are incapable, therefore integrating affirmations will help us to counteract these schemes, it will help us to gain confidence, it will help us to form Strengthen our spirit, it will help us accept any reality but above all work to improve them.

Affirming helps us to manifest and manifest helps us internalize, what the mind processes and believes creates, never stop believing!

Thanks for reading, doubts are given away in this space!

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