affective responsibility

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“We were made to believe that each of us is half an orange, and that life only makes sense when we find the other half. They did not tell us that we are already born whole, that no one in life deserves to carry the responsibility of completing what we lack on their backs”

Evolution has invaded us from many sides, there is currently a lot of breadth, we should even value and be grateful for it and because we are living in a time where we have at hand a multitude of tools capable of helping us to transcend and elevate ourselves, but above all to overcome ourselves. ourselves because in the end the greatest competition we have is always with us, well, although the world has advanced, there are a large number of us who were born when everything was just beginning to develop, therefore we were raised in the old ways, which obviously is not bad at all, they have positive aspects because we see how there are people in the world who are doing good and sharing and demonstrating their values, values ​​that they obviously learned at home under the domination of their parents, therefore it was not a bad education, just that he had a little deficit in terms of integrating teachings that are based on loving ourselves, on always putting ourselves as a priority, on always following what we feel we do and what is good for us in order to let go of what obviously hurts us to leave a free space for much better things and aspects to arrive, in short, they are aspects that are under the wing of affective responsibility, an aspect that has had greater resounds in recent years, an aspect that more than a fashion is a need to understand, understand and integrate it into our lives and our daily lives.

Many will know what I am talking about, others will be enlightening themselves through this content, affective responsibility encompasses respect, empathy, modesty and communication towards ourselves and towards others, especially considering that many of our actions can be a catalyst in the lives of others, They can cause mainly emotional and mental damage, therefore we must be cautious in the actions we take and in advance we know that it can cause personal damage and can even drag other people, it is a term that covers many actions that obviously lead us to analyze and It motivates us to reflect, to have moments of introspection that help us to reflect, help us to better understand how to manage our feelings in all the relationships that we undertake in this process called life, especially friendship, romantic and family relationships. It should be noted that affective responsibility especially drives us to define, exalt and make clear certain limits such as what we want and expect from the relationships that we are going to establish throughout life, life comes and goes, with it people will have those who have a specific mission and have to leave us and others who are obviously permanent, we must learn to let go and for this there is an emotional responsibility, especially to understand that we are valuable, that we demand what we are worth and whoever is not willing to give us what we are worth and deserve to follow its path and let us flow until we find people willing to respect our stipulations and appreciate what a good person we are.

"There is not enough love capable of filling the emptiness of a person who does not love himself"

Affective responsibility has pillars and one of them is communication, it is an extremely important anchor and base, given that the world of relationships often does not work because the importance of knowing how to communicate, knowing how to express ourselves is undermined and undervalued. and in an assertive and respectful manner, given that obviously no one has superpowers, people are not fortune tellers, we must express ourselves so that they understand our feelings, how we feel and what we want to respect, therefore we must learn to leave fear or sorrow that many times they are the main factors that stop us from having good communication, talking and agreeing, people understand each other, that is why we must always choose communication before hurting through hateful words or actions tinged with violence, that is why we must also take into consideration that if we cannot reconcile it is better to go over other options that obviously contemplate the option of letting go of that relationship because that can affect us more than it can add to us.


-Communicate what you feel.

-Set limits.

-Understand that our actions have an effect on us and the world.

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