Don't try to change the dream and just walk

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What if we look at everything that happens as if we are in a dream and we are walking in a dream?  That is, we are in a lucid dream and we know that the dream is a dream and we are walking in it.

A beggar appears in front of us and says something to us, and what sticks in your mind is not so much what he says, but the depth of his eyes and the piercing look in them. It's as if you've seen a sorcerer, wearing a robe, wand in his hand.

Did he have a wand? You didn't look carefully, your mind was trapped only in his eyes. 

You advised yourself to look carefully and kept walking. 

What did the sorcerer say to you?

-May God reunite you with your loved ones!

Your loved ones? 

Bring your thoughts back to the fact that you are in a dream and your loved ones may not be the ones in this world? Your loved ones may be those in the universe, in all existence. You can be yourself.

-God bring you back to you!

Maybe that's your message?

You are walking, there are many people passing in front of you, behind you, some of them you see eye to eye. You hear the voices of some of them but you realize that you are only looking at your feet. When you look up, you see how far you have traveled. Did you walk the distance? How quickly did you get here?

You are somewhere else...

The one you know, but almost don't realize you're walking. 

The door opens, you enter the building. The same people, running left and right. You only see them when you look, otherwise you don't even notice them. 

You move towards your desk, this desk feels strangely tired, this chair. Always familiar but tired. 

Remember that you are dreaming again, 

What does the table say to you?

-I'm tired and I'm heavy...

If you sit on me, you will join me, says the chair, a little old, a little clumsy, but familiar. 

You sit down and after a few minutes you forget this conversation. You move out of that accumulation, using your powers of anger, fire, faith. Otherwise you'll end up like the chair.

You are in a dream...

They bring you a file with numbers on it. You're not paying attention, pay attention. 

Side by side, 99, 11, 00. You look at the even ones. 

Then a word catches your eye. "All".

All personnel bla bla bla...

You're reading "The Whole".  You're dreaming.

Then you go up and say something to someone. He gives you answers, independent of what you say. 

You say it in a different way, and he says what you said before in a different way. 

He doesn't hear you

Can you hear him?

You are in a dream...

Remind yourself. 

And tell her something real, from the heart.

"You're beautiful."

She lifts her eyes and looks at you. He wakes up for a thousand moments and it's a "real moment". 

She will remember her dream now, with an anchor, with a word. 

A dragon will come and say he gave me a golden egg. You are that dragon. 

Today, let that be our exercise. 

You are dreaming and you are not trying to wake up from the dream. You don't try to realize that you are dreaming. You're just dreaming. That's all. 

You don't try to change the dream. 

You are walking in the dream. 

You are walking as a dream warrior, as a traveler of a dream, and here you are learning to watch, to look carefully. 

To all dream travelers!

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