Harvesting Beyond Bread

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To be a successful farmer, there are a lot of things you must carry do. Firstly, you have to get good farmland, clear the field and cut off the trees, make the ridges and also sow your seeds. After sowing, weeds might be growing alongside your plant, you have to watch out for weeds that come to destroy your plant, and when they show up, you have to uproot them. You have to also water it every day. If you do all these, for sure you will get a huge harvest.

All these are some things you also need to do to get a huge harvest in the Kingdom of God. One vital point you need to consider is that after you have done your part, the Almighty God is the One who gives the increase. Every increase that comes to what you sow comes from the Almighty God.

However, what you harvest will be determined by the amount you have sown. For example, the young boy in John 6:5-13 didn't only give bread, he also gave fish to the Lord Jesus. If you give Him bread the Lord, He will definitely multiply it back to you. If you give Him more, he for sure multiplied bread. The boy gave Jesus Christ bread and fish, and in the long run, there were 12 baskets left over.

Make sure you teach your kids to sow into the Kingdom of God. Teach them to pay tithes and offerings on the gifts they receive from their loved ones. The earlier they get used to such Kingdom ways, the better for them.

For sure, if you give the Almighty God more than bread, you will definitely get more than bread at the time of harvest. In Kings 4:8-17, a rich woman of Shunem began by providing food for the man of God. She then moved beyond giving bread to offering accommodation. When her harvest came, the Almighty God went beyond bread and gave her the child she had been long waiting for.

The Lord knows your needs and even those needs have didn't talk about. What are you offering to the Lord? If you are not yet giving the Lord anything, begin giving something. Don't only give what you can easily part with and take a step further and give sacrificially.

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