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Upstart  Rich Bitcoin Cash Challenge BCHN first gets miners

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4 months ago

The bitcoin monetary community seems to suggest support for the upcoming BCHN branch, where 82% support the implementation of hash operations.



The potential for a possible bitcoin cash fork in November seems to be increasing. Of the latest 1,000 BCH volumes, 63% are cut using the community turning point Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN).


BCHN plays a leading role in many ways. According to data released by Coin Dance, after the recent support of and Antpool Mining Pools, Bitcoin's cash network currently has a hash rate of approximately 82%.


More than 700 of the 1,262 nodes in Bitcoin's cash network support BCHN. In contrast, only 516 Bitcoin ABC powered by Bitcoin ABC dominates history, led by leading developer Amari Chechet.


In August, when Bitcoin ABC released the proposed and controversial "Currency Basic Rule", tensions re-emerged within the Bitcoin monetary community, and the rule is due to take effect on November 15.


Coinbase rules would require 8% of BCH miners in the new block to unilaterally transfer to development funds controlled by Chechnya. For many Bitcoin cash fans, the notion of “taxation” is dangerous, and opponents have rallied to support BCHN, which plans to fund development through social donations.


On September 24, the cryptocurrency asset exchange CoinEx introduced the futures market for Bitcoin ABC (BCHA) and BCHN, indicating the community’s expectations that chain splitting will occur in November. The exchange also announced that it would allow users to fork BCH between BCH and BCHN in a 1: 1 ratio.


Discussing the split recently, Amouri Chechet told the Cointelegraph that the fork must permanently control the key role of the BCHN hashing force to survive:



"BCHN will accept a block from ABC, but it's not acceptable. This means that if the hash value of BCHN is greater than the hash value of ABC, a branch will occur, and vice versa. . "

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4 months ago
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