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The Hathor Consolidation Mine controls the cash hash rate of 33% bitcoin

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4 months ago

Supporters of Bitcoin money have recently been discussing a new mining company to join the network with a big hash rate. Connected mining activity HathorMM currently holds 33% of Bitcoin Cash hash rates, and miners mine Bitcoinsv.


The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network currently has a SHA256 hash rate of 2.77 Exhash (EH / V) chain, and a new mining company has joined the ranks. On October 11, some members of the BCH community discussed the Hathor MM mining activity and revealed that the project was an integrated mining network.


At the time of release, HathorMM operational commands controlled 33% of the current BCH hash rate and 22% over the past 7 days. According to figures from "Coin Dance", Monday afternoon activity is currently the largest BCH mine pool in terms of hash rate.


The mining pool is an integrated mining operation, which means miners can simultaneously mine Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Hashor (HDR). The project is a "scalable and easy-to-use blockchain for digital assets," according to the Heather Network website. The community HTR Mining Quick Guide indicates that BCH, BSV and DGB can be used for integrated mining.


The guide illustrates that the HDR tunnel is "not managed by the Hawthorne Group". The source code for the project can be found at Kitub and the Hawthorne Mainnet launched on January 3, 2020.


The program recently released a document on the "Hawthorne Token Economy" and currently has 84,448,933 HDRs in circulation. Market Value Summary The HDR price is 32 0.321 per unit and the ET trading volume on Monday afternoon is approximately 79,000. On September 25, 2020, HDR08 traded at 0.058, an increase of 540% over the same period. HDR seems to be exchanged only in one transaction and merges with PTC in the trading platform Quitrate.


Meanwhile, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrade is expected to take place within 34 days on November 15th. Since many empty blocks have been cut in recent days, members of the BCH community have been debating the Hawthorne MM pool. John Neeri (Emergency_Resons), founder of Universal Protocol and BCHN developer, explained that the creator of the Hawthorne Network had nothing to do with the connected mining pool.


"The General Agreement and BCHN are working hard to resolve this situation," Neeri described in the headline on Hawthorne. For reference only. Hawthorne has four major integrated mining products. Three of them are regular blocks with low hash values. We have not contacted them yet, but will try again this week. One of them is blank blocks with high hash rate. We & # 39; ve determined that this is a pool, and we & # 39; ll be in touch with them to make sure they know about the November issue. "


HathorMM has captured more than 4% of the PSV hash rate in the last seven days, so the Hathor-linked mine also appeared on the Bitcoins (PSV) network. As of Monday afternoon, Hawthorne-based PSV’s consolidated mine was up about 3.47%.

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4 months ago
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